Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moose Voter Update: Antlers Over Anchorage

It has been just over two weeks since we published our first analysis of the moose voter's role in the 2008 Presidential election. A flurry of new polls in moose belt states, some interesting anecdotal information and, most importantly, the results of  ElectBlue's own exclusive Moose Voter Focus Group, all cry out for an update.

First, a bit of a refresher. Moose voters are found in states with naturally occurring populations of wild moose. There are thirteen states in what we like to call the 'moose belt': ME, NH, VT, NY, MI, WI, MN, CO, MT, ID, WA, OR and AK

As we noted in our initial piece, moose voters have numerous characteristics in common. They are uncommonly fond of cold weather, own lots of heavy winter clothing, love riding around in snow mobiles and are positively addicted to ice fishing. They prefer Molson to Budweiser, almost always drive American cars and are politically very independent.

The latest polls in several moose belt states indicate increasing support for Democrat Barack Obama. Since our last review, Obama and VP nominee Joe Biden, have widened their lead over John McCain and running mate, Sarah 'Moose-Huntin' Mama' Palin, in no less than seven moose belt states: NH, MI, MN, WI, CO, WA and OR. The Democratic ticket maintains previously strong leads in ME, VT and NY. The GOP duo are ahead in only three of the moose states: MT, ID and Palin's own AK. Even here there are signs of trouble, however, as some recent polls and a few local pundits are suggesting a tightening race in Montana. Not good news for the Mavericks.

The internals of recent moose belt polls show what we see in other parts of the country: economic worries are making moose voters ever more blue. This information is particularly worrisome for Republicans since it is a well known fact that the typical moose voter can endure temperatures far below zero without turning blue. The realization that moose belt voters can so easily go blue politically has top GOP strategists in a dither. There are scattered reports of moose-inspired panic attacks at the RNC in recent days. ElectBlue has been unable, however, to verify these reports.

Finally, there is this astonishing finding from ElectBlue's exclusive Moose Voter Focus Group. In addition to concerns about the economy, moose belt voters are worried about the national security implications of a GOP White House win. It seems that many moose voters have heard ugly rumors that Sarah Palin, busy campaigning in the lower forty-eight, has been neglecting her responsibilities to protect Alaskan airspace from Russian incursions. Last week there were even reports of Russian MIGs being spotted as far south as Spokane and Boise. (ElectBlue cannot confirm these rumors. Calls to the Department of Homeland Security about these reports have gone unanswered.) Naturally, moose voters are unnerved by the thought of what might happen if Palin were to move to Washington for four years. Who would scan the northern skies, keeping an eye out for those pesky Russians?

(For the record, our Moose Voter Focus Group was conducted last Friday evening at Olaf's Bait Shop and Seafood Grill, located a few miles north of Red Lake, MN. It's a friendly, folksy kind of place with lots of Scandinavian charm. Our voter focus group consisted of about a dozen local patrons, a few Canadian tourists and some guy asking directions to Minneapolis.)

The bottom line, electorally speaking, remains unchanged from two weeks ago. Obama-Biden will sweep the moose belt on November 4th, racking up at least 107 of the region's 117 electoral votes. If current trends continue, the Democrats will win these states not just by a landslide, but by a veritable moose-slide

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