Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well, If This Doesn't Beat It All...

I've been following Presidential election campaigns closely since the Kennedy-Nixon race of 1960 and I don't think I've ever heard anything like this. Citing the Associated Press, Wonkette is reporting that Republican nominee John McCain will not address his supporters election night at the 'Victory Party' planned for a Phoenix hotel. Instead, senior aides to the Arizona Senator say that he will deliver "post-election" remarks to a small group of reporters and "guests" on the hotel lawn. No indication what "post-election" might mean. The evening of November 4th?  The morning of November 5th? Thanksgiving weekend? New Years Eve?

Say what, Mr. McCain? No address to your supporters? No "thank you" delivered to them directly? You gotta be kidding. No victory claim (in the very unlikely event you manage to pull that off)? No concession and congratulations to Barack Obama (looking to be very necessary at this point) in front of your supporters? What the heck are you thinking? 

So here we are, some eleven days and 12 hours until the first polls open on election day, and you, Mr. McCain, are already leaking your intention to display once again the petulant, unsportsmanlike behavior on election night that has become the hallmark of your failed campaign. 


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