Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Palin Video: New Hampshire Interview

WMUR in New Hampshire has another interview of Sarah Palin on their website. In the interview, Palin continues to deny any wrong with regards to troopergate and blamed Democrats for starting the investigation.

Insisting that she and John McCain have ran a positive campaign, in the same breath she says:
"I do not think it's negative or mean-spirited at all, not whatsoever when you call someone out on their record.  And of course when you talk about Barack Obama's associations that he's had in the past and maybe has today.  When you talk about ACORN and you talk about Bill Ayers. Those things are fair game."
Maybe has today??

Speaking of Ayers, she also seems to imply that McCain will indeed say it to Obama's face in tonight's debate. 


Bri Allen said...

To be perfectly honest, it would be absolutely devastating to McCain and Palin's campaign, which is already in "sinking sand," to stop throwing out their negative accusations and attacks. McCain, as not only stated from his own mouth, but also according to his RECORD; has agreed with President Bush 90% of the time....90 PERCENT!!! His running mate, who has a very likable personality and family, lacks experience. So, in essence its smart for them not to talk about the real issues because failure would inevitably be their absolute only option. In saying that, defeat is still steadily approaching for the "mavericks," but the only hope they have is to continue "muddying the waters." In almost every interview I've seen of Sarah Palin, she has struggled to answer questions directly. She just keeps talking until she does one of two things: finds a cute/querky way to end (i.e. winking!), or says "maverick" at least 10 times. Overall, I feel like she's a good person who means well; but it's a joke to even consider her for an office such as V.P. This interview shows that she is just like a puppet...playing the role of the attack dog. Speaking of attack dog, what is the name generally know to mean a female dog in heat? I pose that question in no way to demean or be offensive towards Sarah Palin, but I feel like she has been used by the McCain campaign in the wrong way and it ultimately could be viewed in a negative light by some women when the election comes to a close on November 4th. Palin should be commended for the many things she has accomplished; one of those honors however, should not be serving as the V.P. of the U.S. It's no wonder McCain and Palin cheer "Drill Baby Drill," because they are just digging themselves a deeper hole and Obama is leaving them in their own dust. YES WE CAN!

Bill Newsome said...

McCain failed his first test as a would-be President. When he chose Palin, it was clear that this campaign was not really about "country first." It was politics first. Again and again, that's been the familiar strategy. Do anything to win.

Time to put this campaign out of its misery. 18 days and counting.