Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Someone please poll MN-06!

It's not nice to call names. But it made me laugh when reading Wonkette's evaluation of wingnut Bachman (video). Woops!  Something about a duck-faced lunatic...

More importantly, he points out the need for pollsters to get on the ball in Minnesota.  We're all waiting with baited breath for a new poll from MN-06. Tinklenberg, a previous unknown, could be leading and we'd never know it.  He wasn't trailing by all that much even before Bachman opened her piehole. And since her tirade, he's raised nearly as much money as she has.

Survey USA? Mr. Rasmussen? Enough with the polls from Wyoming, Utah and Tennessee already.

One man who really can't be happy about all this is Norm Coleman who recently called for an end to all negative ads. As if the Republican brand needed more help. A Star-Tribune poll from yesterday shows Coleman trailing by 3.

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