Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Florida's Undecided Voters Now Leaning to Obama

The St. Petersburg Times reports that its focus group of undecided Florida voters has shifted dramatically towards Barack Obama in the past two months. Interviews conducted with these voters in late August found them "decidedly antagonistic" towards the Illinois Senator, with a number of them leaning towards voting for Republican John McCain. Now, however, nine of the carefully selected undecideds are planning to vote for Obama, while one remains "torn" and only one is supporting McCain

What has pushed these voters into the Obama camp? In two words: Sarah Palin. Many in the focus group view the Alaska Governor as "unqualified", "divisive" and "grating". Also figuring prominently in these voters'  decision to vote for Obama was a dramatic change in their perceptions of his character, integrity and willingness to seek advice from all quarters, even from those who might disagree with some of his policy positions.

Citing his observations of the two Presidential candidates over the past two months, one previously undecided voter who is now going to vote for Obama, said, "I was looking at their character... watching them, their movements, hand gestures, faces... you can tell."  

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