Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Exposes More GOP Hypocrisy

President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize has brought the GOP to a boiling point. They've masqueraded their brand as patriotic, wrapping themselves in American flags and holding tea party rallies, but what we see today is more of the real GOP - the party that cheered when the US lost the Olympics and same party who's seething with hate at this very moment because our president was acknowledged for promoting peace and not war.

Today, we can add to the long list of Republican hypocrisies. Besides their claim to having a monopoly on family values - and besides their claim to being fiscally responsible - or besides their claim to keeping the country safe (9/11 occurred on W’s watch and he launched two full-scale wars) - and besides claiming to be the party of "small government" (this coming from the same guys who brought us warrantless wiretapping) -- NOW we can safely say they are not as patriotic as they claim to be. The results speak for themselves.”

CALIFORNIA SENATE 2010: Boxer Cruising Past Republican Challengers

A Field Poll today reveals that Republican challengers, Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore, are wasting their money in California. One year out, and both Republicans are virtually unknown to voters. The only blip may be Senator Boxer's approval rating, just 48%.
When Boxer is paired against the two GOP U.S. Senate hopefuls, the incumbent holds early double- digit leads over her two lesser-known opponents in general election match-ups. Against Fiorina Boxer’s lead is 49% to 35%. When she is paired against DeVore her lead is 50% to 33%.

Monday, October 5, 2009

FLORIDA SENATE 2010: Rove Disses Crist

Marco Rubio just picked up a big push with Karl Rove's $1000 donation. Read the report from Chuck Todd.
This comes on the heels of Jeb Bush's public signal that he plans to stay neutral in the Crist-Rubio primary; Many believe this is Jeb's way of quietly telling influential Florida Republicans that he'd prefer Rubio but doesn't want to alienate Crist since he's still the heavy favorite in the primary. For Rubio, he needs to show some viability and that begins with his next fundraising report. But the most important fundraising report might actually be by the end of the year when you'll truly be able to see how Rubio's been able to use the Jeb neutrality (support?) to his advantage. Remember, Jeb is to Florida Republicans what Reagan is to the party nationally, he's held in THAT high of regard.
Headlines like this create visibility for Rubio. His chances are slim still but not as slim as they were before Rove's donation. If Rubio can create momentum and show that he's a viable candidate, Jeb Bush may just break his silence.

ARIZONA SENATE 2010: Another Primary Challenger For McCain?

Let the polls roll with this new tidbit from the rumor mill. Former Representative J.D. Hayworth is considering a run in next year's primary against John McCain. With Simcox already in the primary race, this could get dicey.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bill Frist On Board With Healthcare Reform

Bill Frist may be from the south and he may be a Republican, but he's not crazy. With nothing to lose, I've been wondering why he hasn't taken a stand against the Republican nonsense.

"I would end up voting for it. As leader, I would take heat for it. That's what leadership is all about."

But not only does he openly discuss his support for real reform, he also supports a mandate. Surprise!

Frist does point out one very, very rational point that many of us have overlooked. What happens next?
While Frist believes that the bill will pass, he worries that the Obama Administration and Congress have not given enough attention to what happens next: the implementation. The first few years are likely to be rough, he predicts. States will be struggling to set up new marketplaces for insurance coverage, their medicaid rolls will grow, taxes will go up, and consumers will not yet see the benefits. "The Republicans will go wild," using the start-up difficulties as a tool for fundraising and for making their case in the next election, Frist says. "In the Congress, nobody's thinking about that." His advice for the Obama Administration: "Stay nimble," and be prepared to make adjustments as difficulties arise.
Let the ridicule and labeling begin! Far-right Republicans will shred Frist for his comments and label him a RINO - claim he's not a real conservative. All of this makes me wonder where healthcare would be today if Mr. Frist had used the nuclear option back in 2005.

Read the full interview with Karen Tumulty Time's Swampland blog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Shining Moment For Nashville

My hometown grew up a lot last night, and I couldn't be more proud.

After weeks of intense debate, Nashville's City Council voted to pass not just one, but two non-discrimination ordinances that grant equal protection for Metro employees regardless of "sexual orientation" or "gender identity." The original bill, first sponsored by Council Lady Megan Barry, passed a required third and final reading last night, 24-15, effectively making the bill law. More than 50 area organizations, including churches, neighborhoods and labor unions, publicly supported the ordinance.

Other Council members, led by Sam Coleman, offered an alternative bill, claiming that broader protections for "non-merit" factors such as political party affiliation were also needed. Ironically, the bill's language, which was supposed to extend broader protections, omitted "gender identity." That bill too ultimately passed, but not before Councilman Erik Cole's amendment to include gender identity was added.

Much to the chagrin of Coleman and his supporters, the alternative bill - bearing their names - now includes the very words they explicitly (and passionately) opposed to begin with. The fate of Coleman's bill is now in the hands of the City Council as it moves to the final legislative stage. One foreseeable scenario is the argument that Coleman's bill is now unnecessary, given that the Barry bill has already accomplished the ultimate objective.

More from Nashville news sources

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Set Your TiVos!

It's only Tuesday and everyone is already talking about this Sunday's morning talk shows. That's because the president is set to give back-to-back to back-to-back interviews. In what is being called a first, President Obama will appear on five talk shows. New York Times blogger, Adam Nagourney, writes:
It’s a reminder of just how much Mr. Obama is out there. As of his seven-month in office mark in August, he had done 114 interviews, compared to 37 by former President George W. Bush and 41 by former president Bill Clinton at a similar point in their administrations, according to Martha Joynt Kumar, a political science professor at Towson University in Maryland.
Of the five networks that were chosen (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & Univision), Fox News isn't one of them. The Washington Post's story, which refers to Obama's marathon as a "modified verion of the 'Full Ginsburg,' also notes the Fox diss.
In making the rounds -- appearing on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Univision back-to-back -- Obama will do a modified version of "the Full Ginsburg," as such a sweep was dubbed after Monica Lewinsky's lawyer, William H. Ginsburg, became the first person to do five broadcast shows it in 1998.

It is rare for a president to appear on a single Sunday show, let alone multiple ones. (The original "Full Ginsburg" included Fox News, which was cut out of the loop this time and replaced with the Spanish language Univision).

Arkansas Senate 2010: Poll Shows Mixed Numbers For Lincoln

Widely considered to be a vulnerable incumbent going into next year's mid-term election, Blanche Lincoln is facing a serious scenario with regard to her favorability rating. According to a new Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll, nearly half of the 600 likely voters polled said they had an unfavorable impression of Lincoln.

The poll shows Lincoln beating the two strongest Republicans by 7-8%. While that may seem like good news, it's important to note that at least 75% percent of the respondents had "no opinion" of the named Republican challengers, suggesting that Lincoln's lead is soft and likely a product of name recognition.

It's not going to be easy for southern Democrats in 2010. Nobody knows this better than Lincoln, which may explain her recent change of heart about the public option, calling it "another entitlement program [that] we can’t afford as a nation right now."

While some of her Democratic colleagues may frown over these remarks, her newly found opposition to the public option (alongside Republicans) may be the best medicine for her ailing poll numbers. One could argue that her recent comments have already helped. A PPP poll that was released prior to Lincoln's statement showed her statistically even with Republicans. That poll too, however, revealed strong displeasure by voters, with just 36% showing approval for her job as a senator.

Notably, another Research 2000 poll from yesterday, found that 55% of voters in Arkansas support a public option, while just 38% oppose.

With more than a year to go before Election Day 2010, Republicans have plenty of time to make their candidate(s) known. For now, it appears that Lincoln's name recognition alone is enough to give her an edge. But that cannot last. Looking ahead, we will be listening to Lincoln's message to voters - not only about healthcare during this legislative session but also on other issues like energy (cap and trade) which is bound to come up next year.

Video: Your Last Chance

Robert Reich makes the case for a public option. Make your voices heard today!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Massachusetts Senate 2010: Card Not Running

It was only a few days ago that Andy Card, former Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush, said that his chances of running for Senate were "better than 50 percent." What a difference a day can make.

In a CNN phone interview last night, Card revealed his final decision, saying, "I had done my due diligence and decided it was probably not in my best interest to run. I'm disappointed but not unhappy."

Friday, September 11, 2009

2005 Flashback: Glen Beck Hates 9/11 Victims

Before tomorrow's BIG party for the certifiably insane, we must remind everyone of one attendee and his comments about 9/11 victims back in 2005. He doesn't hate all of them, just 10 of them.
"You know, it took me about a year to start hating the 9/11 victims’ families. It took me about a year. Um, and I had such compassion for them and I really, you know, I wanted to help them, and I was behind — let’s give them money, let’s get them started, and all of this stuff. And I really didn’t — all the 3,000 victims’ families, I don’t hate all of them, I hate about, probably about ten of them. But when I see 9/11 victim family, you know, on television, or whatever, I’m just like, ‘Oh, shut up.’ I’m so sick of them. Because they’re always complaining. And we did our best for them. And again, it’s only about ten." -- Glen Beck, September 9, 2005
And they say liberals sound angry.

Video: Calling Out Another Fox Lie

Here's Hannity accusing the president of saying that insurance executives are bad people. Of course, anyone who watched the speech knows that President Obama actually said, "Insurance executives don't do this because they're bad people. They do it because it's profitable."


North Carolina Senate 2010: Burr Approval at 38%

Here's a race that we'll be following closely in the coming months. North Carolina hasn't been so warm and friendly to Republicans lately, tossing out Elizabeth Dole last year and replacing her with Democrat, Kay Hagan. North Carolina also went blue in last year's election for the first time since 1976 and elected the state's first ever female governor, Beverly Perdue

Now, it's Richard Burr's turn. For many months, Burr's approval numbers have been in the basement. A new poll by PPP shows Burr's approval rate at just 38%, ten points lower than Dole's prior to election day in 2008. Despite his poor ratings though, he still bests any Democratic challenger so far by at least seven points. That could easily change however with the emergence of a strong candidate.

Democrats in North Carolina also have time on their side and the real possibility that Democrats, on a national level, will get their groove back. We're very optimistic about the prospect of healthcare passing this year and anxious to see the first polls in places like North Carolina to see whether the new reform helps or hurts Democratic Senate candidates.

CONNECTICUT SENATE 2010: Poll shows Dodd Down 10

Chris Dodd's numbers seem to be getting worse, not better. That's according to a new Rasmussen Poll out today that which shows potential Republican challenger, Rob Simmons up 10 points on Dodd (49-39). The poll also found that 59% of North Carolina voters have an unfavorable impression of the Senator.

The only good news in this poll for Dodd is that he's essentially tied with the other Republican candidates who might be running.

As a result of this poll and others, we're moving this race from tossup to leans Republican.

HR 3200 and Undocumented Residents

First, for the record, these words are found on page 143, lines 3-7 of HR 3200.
Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments
for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are
not lawfully present in the United States.
Second, someone should remind Republicans that non-residents have been receiving emergency treatment, as required by law, for many years. The Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act, signed into law in 1986 by President Reagan, requires, as it should, Medicare-participating hospitals to provide emergency medical services for all patients who seek care, regardless of their ability to pay or immigration status." (42 U.S.C 1395dd)

Undocumented residents will continue to receive emergency care, whether HR 3200 passes or not. There doesn't need to be a provision for emergency services for nonresidents because there are provisions in other laws, such as EMTALA.

All of this makes me wonder. What are GOP leaders thinking when it comes to Hispanic Americans? Do they really think they're not paying attention? Have they forgotten the electoral significance of the Hispanic American voting block?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Mess With Nancy

How many times did you rewind and play the 'you lie' moment because you enjoyed watching speaker Pelosi's reaction so much?

Mike Powell at The Gaggle has a story about that stare and lists the top 5 people on Pelosi's poop list after last night's speech. Here's the intro.

Joe (YOU LIE!!!!) Wilson may be getting all of the attention in Washington today, but who will ever forget that death glare that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shot Wilson moments after he unleashed his id on President Obama? Talk about withering—no wonder Wilson looked so shaky when he went before reporters this morning. This is why we enjoy watching Pelosi so much whenever Obama gives a big speech before congress. She hovers over his shoulder in that big brown chair, trying to smile and act cheery. Sometimes Pop-Up Pelosi’s outbursts of enthusiasm seem truly genuine. But when someone annoys her, even just a little bit, she can’t hide it. After all, we’re talking about a lady who likes to run a tight ship and those who cross her … well, she lets them have it. Last night was no exception: sitting over Obama’s left shoulder, Pelosi bounced between moments of smiling and seething. And while Republicans were her primary annoyance, she shot some fairly telling looks to Democrats, too. Who officially made Pelosi’s S--t List last night? Where do we begin?

Best Healthcare System In The World!

Not even close to the best. Hat tip to Bob Cesca for this new story about Blue Cross Blue Shield's generous bonus givings to their corporate executives.
Of the $418 million in Blue Cross Blue Shield's administrative expenses over the past five years, a state audit found "millions and millions of dollars in excessive expenses."

The audit also found that Blue Cross Blue Shield funded nearly $15 million in employee bonuses that were almost assured regardless of performance, a $3.5 million investment in a hotel in Fargo and sales reward trips to resorts totaling $1.2 million.

In one case, the audit found that $34,814 was spent for a party for a retiring vice president.

Video: 'You Lie' Carl Cameron!

Here's Carl Cameron at the Counter-Revolutionary Media. Is this poor journalism or just Fox News telling big fat lies again? You decide!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Video: Another Family Values Republican Caught On Tape

Unaware that the mic in front of him is live, state lawmaker, Michael Duvall (R), from California openly brags about two women he slept with. Sex scandals are becoming something of a once a week occurrence for the Republican Party these days.

You gotta watch this.

Deja Vu All Over Again

There was a moment back in 2008 when we became a little frustrated at the lack of red meat in Barack Obama's campaign. While Republicans relentlessly ridiculed Obama and labeled him an Unpatriotic-Muslim-Socialist, it seemed as if the young candidate wasn't willing to get in the mud and fight. The liberal media was obsessed with Bill Ayers, ACORN, Jeremiah Wright, Joe the Plummer Handyman and the McCain/Palin accusation that Obama would rather lose the war in Iraq than lose the election.

McCain gained several points on then-candidate Obama in key states while Obama's campaign remained above the fray. All of us were screaming, "Fight back!" And then, to the cheers of 69 million Americans who voted for him, Obama finally took the gloves off and reminded everyone that McCain and Bush were the same (and that McCain owned nine homes, all of which were perfect spots for the Republican drill baby drill for oil plan).

Seems like years ago...

And here we are again in 2009. It was like dejavu all over again last month, watching the same uncivil, uncooth specimens spew their unholy venom at healthcare rallies. Nazi signs, cries of socialism and out-and-out racism. The perpetual loop of these images must have boosted ratings for cable news networks given the non-stop coverage we were forced to endure.

Now, once again, it appears that Republicans have got all the mileage they can possibly get out of their lies. Despite their best efforts to kill healthcare during the August recess, President Obama and progressive Democrats are still moving forward, and they're closer now than ever to true insurance reform. Another positive sign can be found in President Obama's approval numbers. They appear to have bottomed out somewhere around the low to mid-fifties, numbers similar to what he earned last November - along with 365 electoral votes. We shouldn't forget the electoral significance of 52.8% of the popular vote.

Here's what we can soon expect: President Obama will sign a healthcare bill this fall, at which point Democrats' national poll numbers will get an immediate boost. The new reform will be regarded as the greatest change since Social Security, and most importantly, 47 million Americans will have a greater hope in obtaining affordable health insurance - public option or not. Republicans will be the biggest losers, yet again. A majority of Americans will remember the sincere attempt by the Democrats to pass a bipartisan bill, only to be opposed almost all Republicans, most of whom offer no real solution.

With August behind us, President Obama seems ready to take the gloves off once again - just in time. The August smoke has cleared, and he's still standing. This AFL-CIO speech from Labor Day leaves little doubt that the president is as optimistic as ever about delivering CHANGE. From the looks of things, Fall 2009 may just turn out to be just as sweet as Fall 2008.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Video: Real People Denied Real Healthcare

"This healthcare problem is a product of greed."

President Obama's Weekly Video Address

Making it easier to save money in America.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Liberals Were Right

Bob Cesca makes the case.

The left was never this crazy during the Bush years. And, in fact, we were amost always right.

1) Liberals were right about Bush being incompetent.
2) Liberals were right about WMD.
3) Liberals were right about torture authorizations.
4) Liberals were right about Dick Cheney's executive power grab.
5) Liberals were right about the economy.
And on and on...

The wingnuts are claiming that President Obama was born in Kenya, they're claiming that his presidency is a communist plot, they're claiming that he wants to kill old and disabled people including Downs babies, and they're claiming that a 30 percent increase in the Dow means there's an "Obama Depression." None of this is right, nor will it ever be.

Video Ad: Sinead's Hand

This ad should run in the other 45 states that do not recognize same-sex marriage.

Gallup Daily: Obama Up 5 Points

Here's some good news as everyone gets ready to clock-out and go home this weekend.

Gallup's three day rolling average has the president's approval number going up this week to 55%.

Click image to enlarge

'Brakes Of Civil Discourse Are Not Working'

These words from Joe Klein yesterday stopped me in my tracks.
"Could I just say that the intensity of this is getting pretty scary...and dangerous? We are heading toward a cliff and the usual brakes of civil discourse are not working. Indeed, the Republicans have the pedal to the metal... I'm usually not one to panic or be overly worried about the state of our country -- even when we do awful things like invade Iraq and torture people, we usually right our course before long -- but I have a sinking feeling about where we're headed now."
God help us.

Health Insurance For the 'Well, Well-Off and Well-Connected'

I attended a healthcare rally earlier this evening in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. About 400 enthusiastic people came out to voice their support for reform at the Allen Chapel AME church.

One by one, Middle Tennesseans bravely took the stage and shared with the audience their heartbreaking testimonies. One man who contracted shingles last year told a story about how the infection spread to his eye. Fortunately, a doctor gave him a free 30-day prescription for contacts. Unfortunately, he had to wear them for seven months because he couldn't afford the monthly cost for a new pair.

Another sad story came from a tearful girl who still has a lump in her arm that has gone unexamined and untreated for months. The insurance coverage that would normally subsidize the care she needs far exceeds her budget as a working college student. Every one of these Tennesseans are employed, most of them full-time, but still unable to afford the insurance premiums available to them.

To the point. Despite the narrative that right-wing squabblers have been telling over the last month, many Americans who are uninsured do have full-time jobs, just like those who spoke at tonight's rally.

There were no Republican protesters screaming in anger, "Get a job! Buy your own insurance!" although they have been quite effective in controlling the message war on several fronts, including this one: Uninsured = Unemployed.

Look at the chart below from the Kaiser Family Foundation. There's a clear correlation between those working Americans whose incomes are near the federal poverty level and others whose incomes are much higher. If you're a young American attending college who's been dropped from a COBRA plan, there's a strong chance you are uninsured because you can't afford coverage. Thousands of others who've recently lost their jobs as a result of the Bush Recession may be finding work as servers, bartenders, bellmen and cashiers, but they still can't afford the sky-high premiums offered by their employers.

The conclusion? As one supporter this evening said, "You can afford insurance in this country if you are well, well off and well-connected." Here's proof.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lunch With My City Councilman

Thanks to Jeff Woods at the Nashville Scene who's been covering the Nashville City Council and their progress toward passing a non-discrimination ordinance that protects "sexual orientation" and "gender identity." Supporters of ORDINANCE NO. BL2009-502 are poised to soon see this bill become law.

Included in Woods' latest write-up is part of a discussion that I had with my own city Councilman, Duane Dominy regarding the bill.
Then there's Antioch council member Duane Dominy, who represents District 28. One of his constituents, Bill Newsome, was so outraged by a lunch meeting with the council member that he contacted the Scene. Dominy didn't return the Scene's calls seeking comment about this meeting. But according to Newsome, Dominy told him he opposed the bill because sexual orientation "could be construed in a court of law to mean bestiality and pedophilia."

"I'm sitting there and I'm thinking, 'Am I really hearing this?' " Newsome says. "I really could not believe what I was hearing. I thought, 'Here's a guy who's on the city council and he's saying this.'

"I said, 'Hang on a second. You're putting bestiality and pedophilia in the same category as this?' Our meeting ended civilly and we shook hands but, as important as this issue is to me, I probably should have cleaned his clock. I was overwhelmed with this sense of anger inside."
Here's part two of the story. Councilman Dominy also wanted to followup his "research" with me in an email. Here's the followup email he sent.
From: Duane Dominy <>
Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 10:14 PM
To: Bill Newsome
Subject: Today's meeting
Dear Bill,
It was a pleasure meeting with you today. I enjoyed our discussion though we remain on opposite sides of this issue. I wanted to share with you the article I mentioned concerning bestiality. I understand the concern of linking this activity with homosexuality and do not desire to do so. Which is why, I currently do not intend to bring this up during discussion of this bill on the council floor, though it will likely be discussed in committee and with our legal staff. I was mistaken as to the source of the article, as I read numerous articles that evening. The information is available at . This discusses Zoophilia, its variations and includes distinctions between it and bestiality. However, reading the forth paragraph, a thinking individual must give pause when considering the wording of the proposed bill we discussed.

FYI. I was informed tonight, that the sponsor does plan to defer the bill Thursday evening. Also, I would expect that some may attempt to defeat the bill as well. I am unsure how this may progress and ultimately play-out. You are welcome and encouraged to attend either way.

Kind regards,
Duane Dominy
101 Cherokee Place
Antioch, TN 37013
Seriously now. We have an elected official who represents a large district in a city, which just happens to be the state capital. It'd be outrageous if this were some rural town in Cullman County Alabama, but this is Nashville for god's sake. You'd think that a "thinking individual" would leave a meeting like that and say, "Woops. I probably shouldn't have talked so much about bestiality," but instead he digs a deeper hole for himself by sending me his so-called research on the subject (yes, from Reference.Com), time-stamped and dated with his name on it.

Many Nashville residents were also outraged by Councilman Hodge and his moldy comments, but at least he was telling the truth. Councilman Dominy, on the other hand, cowardly hides behind this phony notion that gays and lesbians are "under the same umbrella," as he put it that day, as sex offenders and those who practice zoophilia - whatever the hell that is.

You are an embarrassment to this city, Councilman.

It's important for citizens to know what their elected officials are saying when they're meeting with constituents. That's the only reason I initiated contact with the Scene. "Let me be clear," I said to Jeff, "I am not calling you to promote some kind of smear campaign." I stand by that.

Once upon a time, a true thinking individual said this. "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." Here's real proof that not enough people from Nashville's District 28 participated on August 2, 2007, the day this guy was elected - with just 791 votes.

Right-Wing Rabies Spreading

If you think these protesters are screaming at the top of their lungs because they oppose Obama's healthcare plan, you're wrong. They're screaming because they hate Barack Obama and because they lost.

R. Neal over at Knox Views builds a pretty strong case that right-wing rabies is spreading. Besides the fact that the Secret Service investigates on average 30 death threats on President Obama every day, we have governors joking around about shooting Obama and other idiots holding signs at rallies that say, "Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids." One pastor in Arizona even prays for the death of Obama and his family.

So much for Christ-like...

Here's more from R. Neal.
It's almost not fair to lay this at the doorstep of the Republican Party. Most of these idiots are libertarians, or apolitical from being too stupid and uninformed to form a cognitive thought on politics or policy (Republican candidates for governor of Idaho notwithstanding). But the Republican Party has tapped this boiling-over hatred to fuel resentment and distrust of anything resembling progressive reforms. They are spreading lies and misinformation like a virus, infecting a large swath of America with a bad case of right-wing foaming at the mouth rabies.

And there's a racial element. The operator of a popular white supremacist website said that 2000 new members joined the day after the election and that an overwhelming increase in activity crashed the site. Otherwise "normal" people are showing up at public protests with their hatred on full display.

Anti-Healthcare Protesters Video

There's been a lot of right-wing-nuttery video circulating the internet lately, but this one takes the gold medal. Didn't we see these same nuts doing the same thing exactly one year ago?

I'm not going to lie to you. This is going to hurt.

Alabama Senate 2010: No Competition For Shelby

INCUMBENT: Richard Shelby, Republican
  • Defeated Wayne Sowell, 68-32 in 2004.
  • Former Democrat. Switched parties in 1994
  • DOB - 03/06/1934 (will be 76 in 2010)
POTENTIAL CHALLENGERS (names being tossed around): None so far

Two words: Safe Republican.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Louisiana Senate 2010: Honore Says No For Now To Senate Run

So much for that blog. General Russel Honore told CNN, "As of this time, I'm not running for any political office," citing all the news to the contrary as just rumor and speculation.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Act Today By Supporting DREAM ACT

While healthcare seems to be sucking up all the air in the room these days, another piece of legislation close to our hearts is DREAM ACT. If you're not aware of it already, you should be. Here's your chance to learn more.

Every year, thousands of young people graduate from American high schools and are forced to live in the shadows, fearing every day that they might be deported. These young people, who are children of undocumented workers, will grow up to become our neighbors and co-workers. They are law abiding citizens. Some pay heavy out-of-pocket expenses for a college degree that they'll never be able to use. And yes, they pay taxes. By no choice of their own, they find themselves in a situation that has no resolution.

Fortunately, a few members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, have recognized the situation and are fighting for what is morally right. Yes, they have their hands full right now with correcting Bushonomics and passing insurance reform, but we cannot allow these young people to grow old before this legislation is signed into law.

Dream Act of 2009 (S. 729 and the House companion bill, HR 1751) addresses this real tragedy and is a step in the right direction toward real immigration reform. DREAM ACT would grant qualified young people a pathway to citizenship on the condition that they go to college and maintain a good standing or serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.

A story that really caught my attention tells about a young girl named Benita Veliz, a St. Mary's University graduate who arrived in the U.S. at the age of eight. Her parents crossed the border with a legal visa but decided not to go back. Benita, who is now a young adult, may lose everything she's ever gained. Everything for her changed when she was pulled over for a simple traffic violation back in January. Although she's lived in the United States her entire life, she faces deportation to a place that has never been her home.

There are thousands upon thousands of stories just like Benita's. DREAM ACT is the type of CHANGE we voted for. Beyond going to the ballot box last November, we are obligated to lobby our elected officials to support this legislation.

A few things you can do: First, please call your Representatives and Senators today and urge them to support S. 729 and H.R. 1751. When you're finished, give us some feedback. Second, sign the petition at Spread the word!

A few pages you may be interested in:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Louisiana Senate 2010: Vitter May Have Primary Competition

From the BayouBuzz.Com

"...the hero of Hurricane recovery, General Russell Honore is seriously considering entering the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate seat against incumbent David Vitter. Honore, a Republican since the Reagan Administration and a registered Louisiana voter from his Zachary home, has spoken to friends and supporters in the last two weeks signaling that he is, according to one, 'more than 50% sure that he will run.'"

"The news comes mere hours after Third District Congressman Charlie Melancon announced his firm intention to be the Democratic challenger to David Vitter in the fall of 2010. Melancon, who represents the critical swing areas of Central Acadiana--a region known for crowing statewide candidates--has already proven a serious obstacle for the incumbent Senator to keep his job. Even if Vitter should emerge victorious from the closed Republican primary, a bruising fight against Honore could leave the Senator financially and visibly weakened before the onslaught of a Moderate Democrat like Melancon--one of the leaders of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Caucus in the House."

"While Mary Landrieu's 2008 re-election showed that electing a Democrat to the U.S. Senate remained possible in increasing Republican-leaning Louisiana, she had Obama's coattails. Now according to the latest Gallup polls, the President's job approval rating stands at 52%, drastically down from the overwhelming support he had at his inaugural. That signals a public backlash and a GOP revival. Of course, if Honore is the GOP candidate instead of Vitter, he could benefit from these trends. But then again, so could the incumbent Senator."

"Still, Vitter cannot do what others like Woody Jenkins and Suzie Terrell attempted with Mary Landrieu, brand Melancon as socially out of sink with Louisiana voters. The Napoleonville Democrat is ardently pro-life and opposes same sex marriage."

"And, all things being equal, Cajuns DO vote for Cajuns. Whether Republicans will vote for an African-American hero General over their own incumbent GOP Senator remains to be seen."
h/t: Taegan Goddard

We're Alive Everybody!

It's been awhile since our last post. The last five months have been difficult without our great friend, Steve Moody. He was a powerful force in so many lives, including my own. He will forever be missed by his family and friends. Blogging without him is tough, but he would definitely want us to continue the good work. This restart is in no way a signal that I'm ready to move on. I'm not sure if I'll ever just move on as some say you must do after losing a loved one.

Since our last post, a lot has changed in Washington as well as our home here in middle Tennessee. We look forward to keeping you updated on a regular basis as we once did and welcome your comments and input.

Thanks to the many viewers who have been patient during these inactive months and for your prayers and support.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Poll Reveals Specter's Troubles Not Over Yet

A new poll released this morning by Quinnipiac shows Arlen Specter leading potential Republican challenger, Tom Ridge, by just three points (46 - 43). While the poll finds that Specter would easily defeat Pat Toomey (53 - 33), it also reveals troubling numbers with regard to Pennsylvania Independents.
Independent voters, who back Sen. Specter over Toomey 45 – 36 percent, switch to Ridge 47 – 37 percent if he becomes a candidate. The former Republican Governor also gets 14 percent of the Democratic vote, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.

Friday, May 1, 2009

INDIANA SENATE 2010: Nothing Standing In Bayh's Way

One month after breaking the party line and voting against the President's budget, a new poll finds that Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh is in very good shape to win reelection in 2010.  According to a Hamilton Campaign poll, Bayh's favorability rating is a strong 74%.

Despite opposing the budget, Bayh makes clear his general support for President Obama. From Howey Politics Indiana:
On Wednesday, Bayh put out an e-mail to supporters stating, “Last November, Indiana made history by voting to put a Democrat in the White House for the first time in nearly a half century. In choosing Barack Obama to lead our country during a time of extraordinary economic upheaval, Hoosiers sent a clear message: America is ready for a leader committed to taking bold action to protect American jobs and restore our middle class.”
Bayh added, “President Obama was elected to lead in challenging times. The last time our country faced a crisis of this magnitude was 1932, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sent to Washington with a broad mandate to pull our country out of the Depression. Within 100 days, he passed a series of economic reforms to restore faith in our markets and confidence in our country. Every president since has been evaluated against him for what they’ve been able to accomplish in their first hundred days.”
The poll also found that even 61% of Republicans view Bayh in a positive light, which may be why (despite high approval ratings of his own - 69%), Republican Governor Mitch Daniels says he's not running.  

Bunning May Be Retiring

From Politico:
Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning, the most endangered Republican up for reelection in 2010, appears headed for retirement after giving his leading GOP rival the blessing to prepare to run for his seat next year.

Bunning’s retirement would be a huge victory for national Republicans who have grown increasingly nervous that the 77-year-old two-term senator would lose a critical race as the party tries to cling to its diminished minority in the Senate.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

HR 1913: Hate Crimes Bill Passes Passes House

HR 1913 (Local Law Enforcement Prevention Act of 2009) has passed the House of Representatives, 247-175.  Please take a look at the roll call to see if your Congressional Representative voted for the bill.  Please call and thank them for their support if they voted yes.  I'm proud to say that Congressman Jim Cooper (TN-5), my representative, voted for the bill as did Steve Cohen (TN-9). 

Seventeen democrats voted against the bill, three of them, sadly, from Tennessee:  Davis (TN-4), Gordon (TN-6) and Tanner (TN-8). There were 18 Republicans who voted in favor of the measure.

The Senate is expected to pass its version of hate crimes legislation, which was introduced earlier this week by Ted Kennedy (S.909).  Here's a list of the 33 co-sponsors who have signed on already. 

Sen. Edward Kennedy [D, MA]
Sen. Daniel Akaka [D, HI]
Sen. Evan Bayh [D, IN]
Sen. Jeff Bingaman [D, NM]
Sen. Sherrod Brown [D, OH]
Sen. Maria Cantwell [D, WA]
Sen. Benjamin Cardin [D, MD]
Sen. Robert Casey [D, PA]
Sen. Susan Collins [R, ME]
Sen. Christopher Dodd [D, CT]
Sen. Richard Durbin [D, IL]
Sen. Dianne Feinstein [D, CA]
Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand [D, NY-20]
Sen. Thomas Harkin [D, IA]
Sen. Tim Johnson [D, SD]
Sen. John Kerry [D, MA]
Sen. Amy Klobuchar [D, MN]
Sen. Mary Landrieu [D, LA]
Sen. Frank Lautenberg [D, NJ]
Sen. Patrick Leahy [D, VT]
Sen. Carl Levin [D, MI]
Sen. Joseph Lieberman [I, CT]
Sen. Jeff Merkley [D, OR]
Sen. Barbara Mikulski [D, MD]
Sen. Patty Murray [D, WA]
Sen. Bill Nelson [D, FL]
Sen. Ben Nelson [D, NE]
Sen. John Reed [D, RI]
Sen. Charles Schumer [D, NY]
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen [D, NH]
Sen. Olympia Snowe [R, ME]
Sen. Arlen Specter [D, PA]
Sen. Mark Udall [D, CO]
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse [D, RI]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Congresswoman Foxx Comparing Being Gay To Prostitution

I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore, but hateful comments like this catch me off guard.

Many of you know that we’ve been closely following the Hate Crimes Legislation (HR 1913) that’s swiftly moving through Congress. During discussion today in the Rules Committee, Congresswoman Virginia Fox, citing reasons why she objects to expanding hate crimes language to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” said these words this afternoon:
"Why is it worse to go after someone who's gay than going after someone who's a prostitute?"

"Should there be an amendment to this to say that prostitutes are a protected class?"
You read it right. A sitting US Congresswoman has officially declared a comparison of gays and lesbians to an act that is considered a crime in 99% of the country.

I just got off the phone with someone from her office, expressing my deep disappointment that an elected official to the US Congress would make such remarks. Please take a few minutes and call Foxx’s office as soon as possible to let her know how you feel. Please be civil.

Her Washington number is 202-225-2071.

Specter Reaction: Sour Grapes For Martinez

You gotta love Twitter! Mel Martinez's off the cuff remark just moments ago makes me wonder if he's a little jealous. Martinez announced that he would not be seeking reelection after polls long ago indicated big trouble for him in 2010. Now, he'll have to ride off into the sunset without Specter by his side. Maybe Jim Bunning, Kitt Bond, Judd Gregg, and George Voinovich can keep him company. 
(1:50 pm)  RE Specter's Party Switch:The pressure is now on moderate democrats to stop the radical agenda. I am disappointed and surprised.

(two minutes later) On lighter note, Sen Dodd came to Republican meeting where Specter was speaking and asked if Ds could trade for someone else. 

Switcharoo! Specter (D-PA)

Sometimes you do what you have to do.  Arlen Specter, a Republican since 1966, is switching parties.


A Quinnipiac poll, released just moments ago, shows Specter trailing Pat Toomey by 14 points in PA's Republican 2010 Primary. Even more grim was Rasmussen's poll earlier this week which put Specter behind by 21. (See fourth paragraph "studied public opinion...")

With Toomey out of the way, Specter should be safe.  Rothberg Political Report has already updated their projections to include Specter's seat listed as "clear advantage for incumbent party."  We'll keep you updated as new polls become available.

Here's Specter's press release:
April 28, 2009

Statement by Senator Arlen Specter
I have been a Republican since 1966. I have been working extremely hard for the Party, for its candidates and for the ideals of a Republican Party whose tent is big enough to welcome diverse points of view. While I have been comfortable being a Republican, my Party has not defined who I am. I have taken each issue one at a time and have exercised independent judgment to do what I thought was best for Pennsylvania and the nation.

Since my election in 1980, as part of the Reagan Big Tent, the Republican Party has moved far to the right. Last year, more than 200,000 Republicans in Pennsylvania changed their registration to become Democrats. I now find my political philosophy more in line with Democrats than Republicans.

When I supported the stimulus package, I knew that it would not be popular with the Republican Party. But, I saw the stimulus as necessary to lessen the risk of a far more serious recession than we are now experiencing.

Since then, I have traveled the State, talked to Republican leaders and office-holders and my supporters and I have carefully examined public opinion. It has become clear to me that the stimulus vote caused a schism which makes our differences irreconcilable. On this state of the record, I am unwilling to have my twenty-nine year Senate record judged by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate. I have not represented the Republican Party. I have represented the people of Pennsylvania.

I have decided to run for re-election in 2010 in the Democratic primary.

I am ready, willing and anxious to take on all comers and have my candidacy for re-election determined in a general election.

I deeply regret that I will be disappointing many friends and supporters. I can understand their disappointment. I am also disappointed that so many in the Party I have worked for for more than four decades do not want me to be their candidate. It is very painful on both sides. I thank specially Senators McConnell and Cornyn for their forbearance.

I am not making this decision because there are no important and interesting opportunities outside the Senate. I take on this complicated run for re-election because I am deeply concerned about the future of our country and I believe I have a significant contribution to make on many of the key issues of the day, especially medical research. NIH funding has saved or lengthened thousands of lives, including mine, and much more needs to be done. And my seniority is very important to continue to bring important projects vital to Pennsylvania's economy.

I am taking this action now because there are fewer than thirteen months to the 2010 Pennsylvania Primary and there is much to be done in preparation for that election. Upon request, I will return campaign contributions contributed during this cycle.

While each member of the Senate caucuses with his Party, what each of us hopes to accomplish is distinct from his party affiliation. The American people do not care which Party solves the problems confronting our nation. And no Senator, no matter how loyal he is to his Party, should or would put party loyalty above his duty to the state and nation.

My change in party affiliation does not mean that I will be a party-line voter any more for the Democrats that I have been for the Republicans. Unlike Senator Jeffords' switch which changed party control, I will not be an automatic 60th vote for cloture. For example, my position on Employees Free Choice (Card Check) will not change.

Whatever my party affiliation, I will continue to be guided by President Kennedy's statement that sometimes Party asks too much. When it does, I will continue my independent voting and follow my conscience on what I think is best for Pennsylvania and America.
President Obama's reaction:  "You have my full support, and we're thrilled to have you."  

ILLINOIS SENATE 2010: Democrats Safe - Burris Not So Safe

INCUMBENT: Roland Burris, Democrat
  • Appointed December 30, 2008 by Ex-Governor,  Rod Blagojevich
  • Burris is filling the vacated seat left by President Obama
  • DOB - 08/03/1937
POTENTIAL CHALLENGERS (names being tossed around): Representative Jan Schakowsky, Alexi Giannoulias, Representative Mark Kirk.

2008 PRESIDENTIAL STATE RESULTS: Obama 62%  McCain 37%

Believe it or not, the Illinois 2010 Primary is less than one year away. Roland Burris has indicated that he'll announce "in the very near future" whether or not he intends to defend his seat. With little more than pocket change to show for as well as the guarantee that other heavy-hitting Democrats will be showing up, our bet is that Burris doesn't stand a chance. There's also that 19% favorability rating... 

An internal poll, released by Representative Jan Schakowsky, shows her leading Burris and State Treasurer, Alexi Giannoulias. The good news for all of them is that more than a third of the respondents were undecided about who they would vote for. Schakowsky, should she run, will have to overcome the fundraising advantage Giannoulias, who has more than a half-million dollar edge already.

Despite a weak showing by Burris, there's little chance that of this seat turning red, regardless of which Democratic candidate emerges. One Republican name that's being tossed around is Mark Kirk, although he's still unsure about whether or not he's going to run in the senate or governor race.

Friday, April 24, 2009


A new PPP poll shows that Democratic Senator, Michael Bennet, needs to get back in the good graces of Colorado voters.  Just 34% of Colorado residents approve of the job he's doing. While Bennet is still favored over most potential Republican challengers, getting reelected may come down to improving support from Hispanics.
There’s still some indication within the numbers that Hispanic voters might be angry that one of them was not appointed to replace Ken Salazar. Bennet’s spread with Hispanics is 36/45, much worse than Barack Obama’s 58/36 and one he’ll have to improve with that Democratic leaning demographic if he’s going to be reelected.

ARIZONA SENATE 2010: Simcox Will Challenge McCain In Republican Primary

Nothing is easy for John McCain these days.  There will be no free ride for mavericks in the 2010 Arizona primary.

Border hawk and Minuteman founder, Chris Simcox, already has his website up and running. Portraying himself as the only conservative in the race, Simcox begins throwing hard blows at McCain on the issue of border security.
"[John McCain] is fully responsible for the deaths along our borders, the raging violence in Mexico and the violence we have in the streets of U.S. cities from border to border and coast to coast. We need someone to take a strong stance, say, 'Enough is enough, you're not representing us.'"
Which John McCain will show up in this election?  Will he support steps toward citizenship for illegal immigrants, as he has in the past, or will he pander to the right-wing of his party?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

HR 1913: Hate Crimes Legislation Clears House Committee

Following up on our Monday blog, we are pleased to inform you that the House Judiciary Committee passed HR 1913, 15-12.

Democrats are well aware of public support for this legislation as they advance it toward President Obama's desk.  A gallup poll in May 2007 revealed that 68% of Americans support expanding current hate crimes laws to include "gender," "sexual orientation" and "gender identity." George Bush vetoed a similar bill in 2007.

Leaders from within the gay community have also been pushing members of Congress to extend health insurance benefits to same sex couples who are federal employees.  Another hot button issue has been a repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, which was introduced once again last month. But don't look for these particular debates to make much progress anytime soon.  Barney Frank, just yesterday, advised a wait strategy before taking up Don't Ask, Don't tell.   
“I believe we should and will do ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ next year. We haven’t done the preliminary work, the preparatory work. It would be a mistake to bring it up without a lot of lobbying and a lot of conversation.”

“People think because they know the rules, that somehow you gain some advantage from it. ... But we all know the rules; the question is when to do it. The key issues are not procedural, it’s political."
My take:  With precision, Democrats are targeting these issues as they develop into more feasible achievements. While some gay and lesbian advocate groups may want Congress to vote tomorrow on gay marriage, they would be asking for too much, too soon. Imagine if one of these issues were defeated in a Democratic controlled congress.  Social conservatives would claim a moral victory, yet again, and the argument would be dead, yet again.

For now, it appears that HR 1913 is headed for the Senate where Republicans will certainly do all they can to muster a filibuster. But defeating hate crimes legislation this time won't be as easy as in 2007.  Both Maine Republicans, Snowe and  Collins, voted for the 2007 bill. Besides fewer votes to work with, there's a Democrat in the White House waiting to sign the bill into law - signaling to anxious gay and lesbian advocates that the new administration is still on their side.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hate Crimes Legislation - Your Action Is Needed

Everyone please mark your calendars for April 22nd. The House Judiciary Committee is set to vote on H.R. 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009. Language in the bill includes “sexual orientation,” which is why this bill has our attention (and why so-called family groups are in a tizzy.) Forty-two congressmen have already signed on as co-sponsors.

Please call your own US Representative today to express your support for H.R. 1913, especially if they are on the House Judiciary Committee (link to members here).  Ask them to sign on as a co-sponsor if they haven’t already.

The right-wing Traditional Values Coalition has already released this statement regarding the bill. Unsurprisingly, they have also organized an effort to lobby Congress.
“The so-called hate crimes bill will be used to lay the legal foundation and framework to investigate, prosecute and persecute pastors, business owners, Bible teachers, Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, Christian counselors, religious broadcasters and anyone else whose actions are based upon and reflect the truths found in the Bible.”
This same argument has been used over and over in the past to defeat similar bills. Their position is inaccurate and irrational. HR 1913, in fact, does not restrict free speech whatsoever. Lawmakers who drafted the bill went out of their way to ensure freedom of speech. Section 10 makes this abundantly clear (see text of the full bill).  A simple google search of “HR 1913 Hate Crimes” will reveal a fierce opposition to this bill by some social conservative groups who have adopted the very same talking points (other groups are gearing up for an all-out fight in the Senate).

When I contacted TVC this morning, I asked them to point out any language that restricted free speech. Of course, the agent could not highlight any portion whatsoever and instead claimed that an appointed group of lawyers had discovered in the language dangerous nuances that would compromise “free speech for pastors at the pulpit.”

Fight back by calling your Representative, and those on the House Judiciary Committee, today. Tell them to vote “YES” on HR 1913. You can bet that organizers on the opposite side of this fight are lobbying Congress, even as you read these words. We cannot allow them to defeat hate crimes legislation again.

Dobson Has A New Office In DC

Focus On The Family is opening an office in Washington for the first time ever according to Washington Whispers

Advancing a right-wing social agenda from Colorado Springs is one thing.  Launching similar campaigns from within the beltway is another.  Liberals will tear these guys apart -- we hope. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Tea Party Video

H/T: R. Neal, KnoxViews

Precious Tea Party Video

Bless their hearts...


Senator Dodd's poll numbers may be way down, but that hasn't stopped his supporters from digging deep from within their pockets. $1M in three months -- not too shabby.

Kentucky Senate 2010: Mongiardo Rakes It In - Bunning's Numbers 'Lousy'

While we wait on Kentucky Senator, Jim Bunning's numbers, potential Democratic challenger, Lt. Governor, Daniel Mongiardo, reports having already raised more than $400,000.  

Fair & Balanced Screenshot of the Day

The Counterrevolutionary Media just can't help themselves. The front page of their website this afternoon shows pictures of Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper and David Shuster with capital lettered words written across all of them reading, "TV TOILET HUMOR."

Promoting yesterday's freakshow event like a rock concert made a lot of us laugh. Now, Fox News ' feelings are hurt.  They're fighting back, exposing those left-wing media types and all of those supposed filthy jokes they've been broadcasting -- because the tea parties were such a family event. (see the Huffington Post's Top 10 most offensive tea party signs

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gimmick Alert! Tea Parties & The Tenth Amendment

The lunacy continues.   The shameless, right-wing fringe continue to teabag not only Democrats but each other.   And now, another cowboy Governor from Texas is making a fool of himself.

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, who plans to attend a tea party himself, just yesterday expressed his support for Texan sovereignty.  Uuhh boy...

Here we go again, yet this time, it's the tenth amendment.

Before now, as you may remember, it was all about the 2nd amendment, when the same tea-bag waving crowd of flakes claimed (and still do) that Obama was going to take away all of our guns.

Before that, no sooner than President Obama raised his right hand, a short-lived, anxiety-packed, petition the government now or else 1st amendment movement began when right-wingers persuaded Republican tea-baggers of a scary liberal conspiracy aimed at reviving the fairness doctrine. Those who got caught up in that hullabaloo had their jets calmed when Fox News broke the news (and even told the truth) of Obama's opposition to the idea.

Now, the most paranoid teabaggers among us have taken gimmickery to the next level in forming tenth amendment movements, as if any of them have ever read a book in their entire lives, let alone the Constitution.

Here's an interesting twist.  The same Governor Perry who now suddenly believes that tyrants in Washington are forcing their will by making him accept federal funds is also the the same Governor Perry who, in 2002 (see his own press release), gladly accepted hundreds of millions in No Child Left Behind funding.  All of a sudden, Perry and thousands of Republican tea-baggers just like him are wholly devoted to states rights.  

Perry's political posturing scheme mirrors the same kind of erratic behavior of John McCain's when he suspended his Presidential campaign. Since when has a state governor ever refused federal funding in the past?

Perry isn't alone in his political posturing.  South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, in an effort to appeal to his own tea party base, proudly claimed back in March that he was rejecting federal stimulus funds. Now, quite predictably, he's backtracking.  So much for that Free Republic interview when Sanford said he "loved the concept" of a tenth amendment movement.

What's next for these phonies? Secession? States printing their own money?  Negotiating treaties? Didn't we settle this argument in 1865 when southern states believed, before then, they were sovereign in their right to decide whether or not they were free or slave? What about that thirteenth amendment?

Where were these tea party people when George W. Bush was squandering away a budget surplus -- blowing up billions of dollars (and lives) in the desert sand -- and dolling out tax cuts for the wealthiest? Truth be told, not one of these teabaggers will pay higher taxes under Obama's plan.

Some would have you believe these protests are handwritings on the wall for a divided America.  But I couldn't disagree more.  You see, Americans in November proved they wanted more than just gimmicks.  They soundly rejected Drill Baby Drill, Joe the Plummer, suspended campaigns, lipstick on a pitbull, gas tax holidays and freezing federal spending. Americans rejected the notion that Obama was a radical Muslim from Kenya who wants to take away your guns, bibles and talk-radio.  Those who still believe it are out in full force today, waving their teabags, screaming "Impeach Obama" and claiming they know something about the tenth amendment.  

We'll keep tabs on how all that's working out for them. I'm looking forward to some of that juicy video tea party footage.  You know it's coming!

Meanwhile, for all of their hard work, President Obama's approval rating is still in the mid-sixties; and a recent Gallup poll shows that 71% of Americans trust the President in his handling of the economy.  Only 38% in the same poll said the same about Republicans.