Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today's Tracking Polls: Smooth Sailing

Here are the tracking poll results for today, October 16th.

Gallup Daily Tracking:  Obama 51%, McCain 45%

Rasmussen Daily Tracking:  Obama 50%, McCain 46%

Diageo/Hotline Daily Tracking:  Obama 49%, McCain 41%  

Research 2000 Daily Tracking:  Obama 52%, McCain 41%

Note: None of today's tracking polls reflect the impact, if any, of last night's Presidential debate. Virtually all voter interviews in these four surveys were conducted before the debate began.


Mark said...

Will be interesting to see what these trackers do over the next two days, with the final debate now in the past. if the focus groups and undecided polls are accurate, I suspect we will see them grow again.

Bill Newsome said...

I agree Mark. I'm mostly inclined to believe they will expand again. We've seen some tightening over the last two days, but we've been expecting that for quite some time. Tomorrow's numbers should begin revealing a hint of what is to come.

Pedal to the medal until November 4. Run like we're 30 down.

Stephen Moody said...

It will actually be Sunday before we see the full effect (if any) of Wednesday night's debate. All four of the daily tracking polls we post every day use a three-day rolling average. Friday's polls will have about one-third of the effect, Saturday's polls about two-thirds and Sunday's the full effect.