Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Polls: Obama Cruising In Battlegrounds

Leading amongst both women and men, whites and independents, Barack Obama continues to lead by large margins in four key battlegrounds according to a Quinnipiac press release this morning.  The entire press release including polling internals can be viewed here.

BATTLEGROUND RESULTS (conducted October 8-12)
COLORADO      Obama 52     McCain 43     (O+9)
MICHIGAN   Obama 54 McCain 38 (O+16)
MINNESTOA Obama 51 McCain 40 (O+11)
WISCONSIN Obama 54 McCain 37 (O+17)
Quinnipiac's Peter Brown:
“Sen. Obama’s leads in these four battleground states are as large as they have been the entire campaign. Those margins may be insurmountable barring a reversal that has never been seen before in the modern era in which polling monitors public opinion throughout the campaign.” 

“The only possible bright spot for Sen. McCain – and you would need Mary Poppins to find it in these numbers – is that he is holding roughly the same portion of the Republican vote. But McCain’s support among independent voters, a group he says are key to winning the White House, has collapsed.”

“Any realistic chance of McCain coming from behind depends on scoring a knockout in this week’s last debate. But given that he has been judged by the electorate to have lost both of the previous face-offs, that would seem to be a very tall order.”

“Obama’s surge comes from voters saying by wide margins that he better understands the economy. Moreover, about that many more say McCain has not shown effective leadership on the economy than has done so.”
COLORADO      Obama 54     McCain 38     (O+16)
MICHIGAN Obama 60 McCain 32 (O+28)
MINNESOTA Obama 57 McCain 34 (O+23)
WISCONSIN Obama 59 McCain 33 (O+26)
COLORADO      Obama 49     McCain 47     (O+2)
Obama 48 McCain 44 (O+4)
Obama 46 McCain 46 (Even)
Obama 49 McCain 41 (O+8)

COLORADO      Obama 48     McCain 47     (O+1)
MICHIGAN Obama 48 McCain 43 (O+5)
MINNESTOA Obama 49 McCain 43 (O+6)
WISCONSIN Obama 52 McCain 39 (O+13)

COLORADO      Obama 51     McCain 40     (O+11)
Obama 52 McCain 35 (O+17)
Obama 51 McCain 38 (O+13)
Obama 52 McCain 36 (O+16)

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