Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Flash Polls: Game, Set, Match

Here are the results of flash polls taken immediately after tonight's third and final Presidential debate:

CNN:  Obama 58%, McCain 31% (all viewers)

CBS News:  Obama 53%, McCain 22% (undecideds)

MediaCurves:  Obama 60%, McCain 30% (independents) 

Additionally, focus groups on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News (!) all found that Obama won the debate.

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Anonymous said...

It was absolutely clear that Senator Obama won the debate last night. McCain continued with his attempts to attack Obama but it was to no avail. Barack kept his cool the entire time while McCain struggled to keep his. Watching McCain was like watching someone who doesn't know how to tread jump into 12 feet of water. I almost felt bad for him (lol)! Barack answered every question and attack with poise and validity. I was "tickled pink" about the outcome and I am beyond excited about the posibility of a man who has overcome so many obstacles being elected as the President of the U.S., and helping us as a nation surpass the many obstacles we have ahead. YES WE CAN!