Friday, October 17, 2008

Chicago Tribune Endorses Obama

For the first time in its 161-year history, The Chicago Tribune has endorsed a Democrat for President. This afternoon's edition of the prestigious newspaper, long a bastion of conservative political ideology, headlined its support for Barack Obama for President. 

The Tribune said that Senator Obama is "deeply grounded in the best traditions of this country". The editorial continued: "[Obama] has had the character and the will to achieve great things despite the obstacles he faced". The unprecedented endorsement also noted that Republican John McCain had selected a running mate who is "not prepared to step in at a moment's notice and serve as President".  Furthermore, the paper said the Republican Party has "lost its way".

In a ringing closing paragraph, the Tribune editors conclude that Obama "has risen with his honor, grace and civility intact. He has the intelligence to understand the grave economic and national security risks that face us, to listen to good advice and make good decisions."

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