Saturday, October 25, 2008

Maybe it just sounds stupid... or maybe it IS stupid

Each day, the guys at give a 'winner of the day' award to either John McCain or Barack Obama, depending on how they perceive the day to have gone for each candidate. They also write a little piece describing the reasons for their decision. Until now, they've done a fairly good job, I think.  

Today, however, the Politico gurus must have been struck by a case of mass stupidity or maybe they experienced a massive drop in their collective IQs. Whatever the case, they decided that McCain had 'won' the day. Their decision would be hard enough to fathom under any rationale (given the current state of the race and of McCain's campaign), but wait till you read their reasons. McCain won the day, they argued, for "soldiering on amid a debacle".

It's a good thing guys like these weren't covering the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The Politico headline the next day would have screamed: General Custer Wins The Day!

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