Monday, October 13, 2008

ElectBlue Now Targeting Georgia Senate Race

We are pleased to add Georgia Democrat Jim Martin to our list of targeted US Senate candidates for this cycle. Martin is challenging incumbent Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss in the Peach State. Making economic issues the focal point of his campaign, Martin has surged in recent polls and now is tied with Chambliss in this critical race. Voter turnout and campaign funding will be crucial to a Martin victory.

A Democratic pick-up of the Georgia seat would be a huge step towards the sixty-seat Senate majority Dems need to prevent Republican obstruction of vital legislation in the next Congress. We urge out readers to support Jim Martin in whatever way they can. Note that we have added a direct link to the Martin Campaign website in the left margin of this page. Please click on it today to contribute to Jim's campaign.

Regrettably, we have removed Bob Tuke in Tennessee from our list of targeted candidates. Underfunded and lacking the support of a strong, united Democratic Party, the Tuke campaign has not gotten off the ground and appears to be only a pro forma effort. We still urge our Tennessee readers to vote for Tuke, a good and decent man, but we must advise Volunteer State Democrats that any financial contributions towards a sixty-seat Democratic majority in the US Senate would be better made to any one of the Democrats in hotly contested races in four states that border Tennessee: NC, GA, KY and MS.

Similarly, in spite of a valiant effort, Larry LaRocco's campaign for the US Senate appears to have hit a wall in rock-ribbed Republican Idaho. As we are doing in TN, we urge Idaho Democrats to vote for LaRocco, but suggest that contributions to Jeff Merkley's campaign in neighboring Oregon would better serve the goal of getting sixty Democrats in the Senate.

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