Monday, October 27, 2008

Lunsford Crushes McConnell in KY Senate Debate

Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Lunsford routed incumbent Republican Senator Mitch McConnell in a debate that was televised statewide this evening. The Senate Minority Leader and twenty-four year veteran of the US Senate was repeatedly left speechless under relentless questioning by the Bluegrass Democrat.

McConnell was unable to answer questions about his refusal to call the current economic crisis anything more than a "slowdown". He could not explain his vote for the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street, nor was the Republican able muster a defense of his votes to spend $600 billion in Iraq while at the same giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans.

Lunsford hammered McConnell for leading a record number of filibusters in the current Congress. Mitch was unable to justify his obstructionist record in the Senate as America veered towards its worst economic crisis in nearly eighty years.

"Once again, the great and powerful Mitch McConnell loses his voice when it's time to defend the atrocious record he's piled up after 24 years in the Senate and 40 years on the public payroll," Lunsford spokesman Cary Stemle said. "Kentucky voters deserve to know, and yet McConnell has nothing to offer."

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