Saturday, October 4, 2008

Glue Not Lipstick

Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin is quoted in a number of media sources as having said that Senator Barack Obama is "palling around with terrorists". Ms. Palin's remarks were made today at a Republican fundraiser in Englewood, CO. 

Say what, Sarah? Barack Obama is friends with terrorists? Terrorists?? You know, those fanatics who wantonly kill and maim innocent men, women and children for the sake of their own extremist ideology and perverted religious views. He's 'palling around' with those types of people?

Do you seriously think, Ms Palin, that Barack Obama is friends with terrorists? Are you so desperate to win this election that you will say anything? Or have you just drunk too much of the kool-aid all those far right coaches have been feeding you for the past month? Just what the hell are you thinking? Have you no sense of decency at all?

Barack Obama is a distinguished and accomplished American political leader. He holds a law degree from one of the finest schools on the planet. He worked tirelessly, with little reward, to help the most down-trodden among us in his community in Chicago. He served in the same state legislature that molded the political views of Abraham Lincoln

Barack Obama is a sitting United Sates Senator from a state that is the epitome of America as a whole. He is the Presidential nominee of the oldest political party on earth. He has already received the votes of nearly twenty million Americans this year. He is working a brutal and demanding schedule, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to make our country a better place for all of us.

Barack Obama is a faithful husband, a loving father and a devout Christian. He is a deeply patriotic man, utterly committed America's security and prosperity. He believes passionately in the very American dream which he so clearly personifies.  And you, Ms. Palin, think this honorable man is hanging out with terrorists who would destroy everything he believes in?

Shame on you, Sarah Palin! You must retract your thoughtless words and apologize to Senator Obama, to his supporters and to the entire American people now. If, incredibly, you have neither any remorse nor an iota of regret for your hateful words, then do this, Ms Palin.  Put down the lipstick and smear those pitbull lips of yours with a thick layer of permanent glue. You and the American Republic will both be the better for it.

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Bill Newsome said...

To what extent will these clowns go to win? This is disgusting and appalling, especially when she's the one who's under investigation.

The bell just sounded, and this is the 10th and final round.