Saturday, October 11, 2008

Unwelcome: Alaska Disasta

The McCain-Palin team may get booed two days in a row.

Sarah Palin will be dropping the puck this evening in Philadelphia before the Flyers' home opener against the New York Rangers.

Not everyone is happy about it though.

It's widely believed she should expect a frigid welcome. According to a poll by the Philadelphia Inquirer, more than 60% dont' like the idea.  

She'll be fine; she's used to the cold.

Believe it or not, she already has her own professional hockey card which will be passed out at the game, although it's not nearly as flattering her baseball card from Upper Deck.

Her nickname is the Alaska Disasta, and her stats have more to do with outsourcing American jobs, earmarks and promoting corporate welfare than hockey.

What were they thinking?

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