Saturday, September 20, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Rocky!

The creator of this wonderful bit of political satire is not known to us. We first found it on Pam's Houseblend.


Zoe Brain said...

One correction - you should credit Radha of To a T in Philadelphia, the original source.

It is no more fictional than many other critical articles about Palin in the US MSM, and has the additional virtue of being funny.

A Disclaimer - I'm a Liberal voter, meaning Right-Wing here in Australia. But Radha forgives me for being an unabashed NeoCon and RWDB. We're all on the same side in essence, we just differ on the methodology.

Stephen Moody said...

Thanks for the correct attribution. I've changed it in the blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Zoe is accurate. I can forgiv her anything, even being a NeoCon. :)

The original mock-up was not my work though.

It was part of an email forwarded to me by a friend. There was no attribution to the original when it was sent to me. So, I've no notion of who the craetive mind who made it first was. But it's hilarious.

Again Zoe is right, we can laugh together even if we wouldn't vote together. It's not a bad thing to recall in the heat of our battles with one another, political or social.

One need not hate and demean the opposition.

Thanks for the correction, Steven; I simply wish I had an original attribution to post here.


Stephen Moody said...

Thanks RadNicole.

It seems we may never know who the creative genius behind this was. Nevertheless,it is hilarious. I've removed any creative attribution from the post.