Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Per Diem Per Taxpayers

With each passing day, we learn something new about Sarah Palin.  Here's more information probably not known to John McCain before deciding she was qualified to be President.  

Yesteday's news from the from the Washington Post exposed how Palin charged the state of Alaska for living expenses from her own home 312 times.  She claimed the charges were not unusual because her residence also happened to be the workplace duty station.  Here's one such example.

Also pointed out was that Palin spent $43,490 in taxpayer money to foot the bill for her family's travel expenses.

Today, we learn that Sarah Palin declined to release 1100 emails at the request of one of her fellow Alaskan Republicans.  Also, Sarah frequently used Yahoo mail for conducting the state's business ( instead of the government's more secure email account.  No joke. 

At least Palin knows how to use the internets.  She'll have the upper hand on John McCain for sure [video].

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