Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lou Dobbs Must Go

CNN's Lou Dobbs has been caught supporting the most outrageously racist, disgusting piece of trash yet to emerge in this election campaign. While attending the right-wing Value Voters Conference this weekend, Dobbs purchased a box of ObamaWaffles from a vendor at the meeting. 

Although it is beyond all bounds of decency, I have provided the hyperlink to the website hawking this unbelievably slimy, sleazy racist 'product' so you can it see for yourself. Be warned: it is totally disgusting.

This photo, from, shows Dobbs holding a box of ObamaWaffles while posing with one of the neanderthal 'creators' of this racist garbage. 

This photo of Dobbs was initially posted on the ObamaWaffles website itself. Only a few hours ago it was pulled down and any mention of Dobbs was removed.  I imagine Lou had a 'Don Imus moment' when he saw the attention his support for overt racism was getting. Well he should have. 

It is stunning that a racist like Dobbs is given hours of access to millions of viewers every week by a widely respected news organization like CNN. Even worse, Dobbs is paid big bucks for his efforts while he hides behind a totally fictitious claim of being politically independent. He says independent, I say racist. It's time for CNN to face the truth and to do the right thing.

CNN should fire Lou Dobbs immediately. You can help make that happen by calling CNN at 1-404-827-1500. Tell CNN that racist-supporting slugs like Dobbs undermine CNN's integrity and destroy its journalistic reputation. He has no place on a news network. He must go. You can also send your comments to CNN electronically via their website.

Unbelievable, just totally unbelievable. 

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