Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Poll Finds KY's Mitch McConnell in Deep Trouble

For the second time in less than a week, a survey of Kentucky voters finds Democrat Bruce Lunsford has pulled even with Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell in the race for the US Senate. The latest poll, released just hours ago, was conducted for The Louisville Courier-Journal by the Mason-Dixon Polling and Research organization. Lunsford has been waging a vigorous fight to unseat McConnell who is a twenty-four year Senate veteran and, as Minority Leader, the most powerful Republican in the Senate.

The Mason-Dixon poll shows the race knotted up at 41%-41%. Until recently, Lunsford had trailed McConnell by double digits in most polls. The Bluegrass Democrat has closed the gap with a hard-hitting campaign focusing on economic issues, McConnell's ties to Big Oil and McConnell's accumulation of great personal wealth while in the Congress. A SurveyUSA poll released just four days ago also found the raced statistically tied.

Good work, Mr.Lunsford!  Keep it up!

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