Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oregon's Merkley Pulls Ahead in New Poll

Jeff Merkley, Democratic candidate for the US Senate from Oregon, has made dramatic gains against his Republican opponent, incumbent Senator Gordon Smith, according to a poll released by SurveyUSA just hours ago. The latest survey of likely Oregon voters shows Merkley with 44%, Smith with 42% and Constitutional Party candidate Dave Brownlow with a surprisingly strong 8%.  These figures represent a 14 point improvement for Merkley since the previous SurveyUSA poll just seven weeks ago.

Merkley's surge has been across a board spectrum of Oregonians, including strong gains among men, with voters under 50 and among those living in the greater Portland area. Merkley has focused his spirited campaign on bread-and butter issues while blasting Smith's ties to big corporate interests. It's working. Keep it up, Jeff!

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