Monday, September 29, 2008

Absentee Resident Dole

Is it too much to ask that a U.S. Senator actually spend time in their home state? That's the question residents in North Carolina should be asking themselves.

According to official Senate sources, press releases and North Carolina newspaper clips, Dole has spent very little time getting to know North Carolinians since being elected in 2002. Although she was born in North Carolina, she hadn't been a resident for decades until 2001 when she decided to run for the open Jesse Helms' seat.

For 33 years, the Dole's had lived in the prestigious Watergate Apartment Complex before Elizabeth declared her primary residence at her mother's home in North Carolina. Not everyone was thrilled about the idea. The perception of Dole being a carpetbagger was strong even then, although Republicans welcomed her with open arms. The chair of the Republican party had these nice words to say about the new resident.
"She's considered a North Carolinian who's been on duty in Washington for a long time."
Maybe the perception of being a Washington insider served Dole an advantage in 2002, but something tells me that's not the case in 2008.

Bless her heart...

After one term, the long time Washington insider is in a fight for her political life. Recent polls show "Senator Nowhere" trailing lifelong North Carolina resident Kay Hagan, and North Carolinians are taking notice of where Dole really lives this time.  

Let's face it. Some people spend more days on a Smoky Mountain vacation than Dole spends at her primary home in a whole year. According to a study by Media General News Service, in her first five years as Senator Mrs. Dole spent 90% of her time outside of North Carolina.

Dole Days In NC
% of year
2003 55 15%
2004 34 9%
2005 20 5%
2006 13 4%
2007 50 14%
2008 97 to date 27%

No wonder North Carolinians are ready to fire Elizabeth Dole. That's usually what happens when you don't show up to work, right?  Help Kay Hagan serve Liddy Dole her pink slip on November 4th by contributing to her campaign today.

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