Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Polls: Support for Key GOP Senators Collapsing

There is a new - and potentially dramatic - finding in three separate US Senate races. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has posted this report on its website:
With the Republican convention in full swing in St. Paul, three new polls from Survey USA show approval ratings for Republican Senators Norm Coleman, Gordon Smith and Mitch McConnell collapsing. In Minnesota, Norm Coleman’s approval has dropped to 44%, with 51% disapproving – an all-time high. In Oregon, Gordon Smith’s job approval has dropped to 38%, with 56% disapproving – his approval rating is at an all time low and has dropped 7 points since last surveyed in May. In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell’s approval has dropped to 44%, with 47% disapproving – his approval rating is down 13 points since SUSA last polled in May.
Historically, approval ratings below 50% have spelled disaster for incumbent candidates. That's gotta be good news for Al Franken in MN, Jeff Merkley in OR and Bruce Lunsford in KY. 

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