Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McMemory. Liddy Can't Remember Either

John McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns.  And Republican Liddy Dole can't remember the name of her own business.  The Rocky Mount Telegram details an interview with news reporters on Monday.
Dole (while laughing): I think (Hagan) has indicated many times that I’m from Kansas. But my roots are very deep in North Carolina. Very deep. Here, I grew up in Salisbury, went to the public schools, spent 11 years on the Duke board after I graduated from Duke, own a home there. I own a business in North Carolina, for goodness sake. My family roots go way, way back.

Reporters: What business do you own?

Dole: We had a family farm, which was turned into a real estate development. And it’s just outside of Salisbury. It’s just a beautiful development.

Reporters: What’s the name of the development?

Dole: [10-second Pause followed by nervous laughter] Well…

[Another pause]

Reporters: It’s fine if you …

Dole: I have to stop and think for a moment.

[Brief pause]

Reporters: If you can’t think of it, it’s fine.

Dole: I’ll get it for you. I will.

Reporters: Well, I also wanted to ask you about the tone of the race and your opponent’s …

Dole: It’s Forest Glen. That’s right. Because it’s right in the forest where my dad had a little cabin and built a little pool for us as children. That’s right. Forest Glen.
After all these years, the late Ann Richards still helps us understand these kinds of Republicans [video]. Liddy can't help it. She was born with a silver foot in her mouth.  I'm certain Ann would agree.

Here's Kay Hagan's statement released just a moment ago.
"When Dole was finally able to remember the name of the business – it’s Forest Glen, by the way – it was too late. Mike Hixenbaugh from the Rocky Mount Telegram wrote, “…the first-term Republican senator did temporarily forgot the name of the business that she was using as evidence of her deep roots in North Carolina. Apparently some of those roots are so deep, it’s hard to pull ‘em up from time to time.”

“If Elizabeth Dole can’t recall the details of her own personal life in North Carolina, it does beg the question how much she’s paying attention to other peoples’ lives in the state,” said Hagan Campaign Communications Director Colleen Flanagan. “Kay is the candidate who was born here, raised a family here, lives here, and for the last decade, served the people here. The last thing North Carolinians want is another six years of an absentee, out-of-touch Senator who swoops in for photo-ops and election year events and is gone before you know it.”

As Elizabeth Dole tries to invoke “Scarlett O’Hara as she works the Tobacco Road campaign circuit,” she’s had to answer for some very real concerns folks have in the state. Elizabeth Dole left North Carolina in the 1950s and ended up in Washington, DC. Registered for 25 years as a Kansan, even running for President as a Jayhawk before she ran for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, Elizabeth Dole registered to vote here two days after Jesse Helms announced his retirement in 2001. In March, the Charlotte Observer wrote Dole “undoubtedly has her eye on November” and has stepped up visits to the Tar Heel state during this election year.

“Carolina is Kay country through and through. It’s typical of Washington politicians to breeze through here in an election year, intimating that they’ve been here the whole time,” Flanagan said. “This time, though, North Carolinians have one of their own to elect to the U.S. Senate, and they know she’s been here the whole time. If Elizabeth Dole can’t keep track of her business, how is she going to keep track of yours?"

Meanwhile, Kay wants to get our economy moving again by balancing budgets, cutting taxes, and investing in education.  That is Kay Hagan's record.  Liddy Dole?  Shameless ties to big oil and a Bush agent of policies that send American jobs overseas. Here's Kay's new ad. 

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