Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breaking News:Latest Poll Shows Lunsford Surge in KY Senate Race

According to Lexington (KY) television station Lex18, Democrat Bruce Lunsford, has moved into a statistical tie with incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell in his race for the US Senate. The poll, conducted by SurveyUSA, was released earlier this morning and shows McConnell with a 49%-46% lead, well within the poll's 3.9% margin of error. The survey was taken Sept. 21-22.

These results represent a major gain for the Bluegrass Democrat. In a poll by the same organization taken just six weeks ago, McConnell led 52% to Lunsford's 40%. Internals of the current poll suggest strongly that economic concerns have fueled Lunsford's dramatic closing of the gap with McConnell. Some 60% of Kentucky voters now cite the economy as the number one issue. Among those listing the economy as most important to them, McConnell has plummeted from a six-point advantage six weeks ago to a nine-point deficit today. 

Women are another major factor in Lunsford's leap. Six weeks ago, McConnell held an eleven point lead among female voters, but Lunsford has now pulled even with him among women. Lunsford's gain was also registered in every geographic section of Kentucky. This poll has got to be putting smiles on lots of Democratic faces in Kentucky and at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee today.

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