Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Musgrove Exposes Wicker's Big Spending Ways

One of the under-the-radar U.S. Senate races is the special election in Mississippi between appointed (by special interests..err...Governor Barbour) Senator Roger Wicker and former Governor Ronnie Musgrove to fill the final four years of Senator Trent Lott's (who resigned when he discovered being in the minority was no fun) term. Despite the state's GOP reputation, the race is very competitive in all polls; and Barack Obama's presence on the ballot will help with African-American turnout, which will only help Musgrove.

Roger Wicker served seven terms in Congress and achieved very little other than voting for irresponsible trade deals that sold out places like Mississippi, while filling his campaign war-coffers. Despite representating a strong Republican district that gave Bush over 60% of the vote, his district was always ambivalent towards him; so much so that this ruby red district elected a Democrat to replace him.

Being a creature of Washington, Roger Wicker never found a wasteful spending appropriation he didn't like. As Governor Musgrove recently said, ""We've got to stop out of control spending" and "We need to stop the partisan politics in Washington and get things moving." and that trade deals like NAFTA "just took jobs out by the droves." He added Washington (and creatures of the Beltway like Roger Wicker) has "forgotten what its business is. It's the people's business, not special interest."

If you want to help a leader like Governor Musgrove turn this country around and give Democrats a filibuster proof majority in the United States Senate, please donate today to Governor Musgrove's campaign.

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