Sunday, September 21, 2008

Florida Poll: McCain's Lead All But Gone

There's a new Florida poll out this morning, and the news is good for Barack Obama. The poll, underwritten by the St. Petersburg times and the Miami Herald, shows John McCain leading Barack Obama by just 2% (McCain 47 - Obama 45 - undecided 7). The poll has a margin of error of 3.5%.

Polls prior to 9/11 indicated a 6-8 point lead for John McCain.

An average of the four most recent polls from Florida show John McCain leading Obama, 48.75 to 45.5 (-3.25).

A few highlights from this poll:

Voters By Age
18-34: Obama +10
35-49: McCain +4
50-64: McCain +1
Over 65: McCain +7

Top concerns
Economy 43%
Iraq 14%
Terrorism 12%

Hispanic voters prefer John McCain 55-41

43% said their personal economic situation is worse now than it was two years ago.  Another 43% said their situation has not changed.

*Update* Another Florida poll today shows McCain leading by just 1%

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