Monday, November 17, 2008

What The Other Side Is Thinking...

Our favorite right-wing website, the aptly named Right Wing News, has conducted a survey in which several hundred right-wing bloggers were asked to name their favorite, and least favorite, Republicans. The only rule: the persons named must be "living or nearly living" (sic).  Here are the results:

#R Bloggers 10 Least FavoriteR Bloggers 10 Favorites
1John McCainSarah Palin
2Ted StevensRush Limbaugh
3Peggy NoonanBobby Jindal
4Colin PowellFred Thompson
5Arlen SpecterNewt Gingrich
6Chuck HagelMark Steyn
7Ron PaulMichelle Malkin
8Pat BuchananMichael Steele
9Mike HuckabeeThomas Sowell
10Arnold SchwarzeneggerAnn Coulter

I don't think I could add anything to this treasure-trove of collective wisdom... 

h/t: OpenLeft 

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Bill Newsome said...

Here's to the Moose Huntin Mama winning the Republican nomination in 2012 (and picking Rush or Coulter as her running mate).