Monday, November 17, 2008

UK Newspaper: It's A Done Deal

One of Great Britain's most respected and reliable newspapers, The Guardian, says it has learned that Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has been offered and will accept the position of Secretary of State in President-elect Obama's cabinet. 

Speculation about the potential appointment has been rampant since sources in the Obama transition team confirmed that the two former rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination met secretly last week in Chicago. Clinton's staff has also confirmed that the Senator and the President-elect did meet last Thursday. To date, however, there had been no independent confirmation that the job had been definitely offered to, or accepted by, Senator Clinton.

Much of the American mainstream media's attention to this story has centered around the (perceived) difficulty of throughly vetting Senator Clinton's husband, the former President. You just have to wonder how much more 'vetting' a person who served two terms as President really needs.  Oh well...

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Anonymous said...

The fact that Bill Clinton passed vetting by the American people twice is a disgrace to begin with. He hasn't released his library or Clinton foundation donor lists, not to mention his travels with Ron Burkle (read the Newsweek piece on the election for more details). Furthermore, his activities overseas could easily conflict with U.S. policies, so yes, it is a big deal.