Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dems, Dems Everywhere... and the Voters Do Approve!

CNN reports that, according to a just-conducted poll of voters, fifty-nine percent of the American electorate think that Democratic control of both houses of Congress and the White House is a good thing for the country. So much for the Republican attempt at fear-mongering about one-party control in the closing days of the election...

Speaking of not understanding the electorate, we have noticed the pathetic - but sustained - attempt by many on the Right, and some in the punditocracy, to characterize President-elect Obama's sweeping victory as confirmation that America is somehow still a "center-right country". These geniuses go on to promote the preposterous idea that increased Democratic majorities in the House and Senate are 'proof' of this delusional notion. 

This is what I call 'Animal Farm' political analysis. You know, analysis from some perverse parallel universe in which up is down, left is right, freedom is slavery and black is white. Those who promote such nonsense would, I think, have felt spiritually at home in the old Soviet Union.  They would be perfectly comfortable asking: what's truth got to do with our political propaganda? 

Last Tuesday, the American people voted - in lopsided numbers - for a man who had been portrayed by extremists in the Republican party as the most liberal, socialist, Marxist, redistributionist politician in our Republic's history. Now, these same wingnuts - and their allies in the chattering classes - want us to believe that Obama really ran as a centrist, or even as some sort of Reagan-lite conservative. Hooey. Barack Obama is a reasoned, thoughtful, center-left politician. He campaigned as such... and he won a decisive victory as such.  No amount of post-election revisionism can change those facts. 

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