Monday, November 10, 2008

Help Defeat Shamless Chambliss

In 23 days, Georgia voters will go to the polls to decide who their newest US Senator will be..again. 

Jim Martin fell less than 3 points shy of beating incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss on November 4th. Neither candidate reached the 50% threshold required to win the seat outright and so the runoff is set for December 2nd.

Chambliss' dirty record over the past six years began with a disgusting ad against former Senator Max Cleland. Cleland, a Silver Star recipient who lost three limbs while serving in Vietnam, was portrayed in the ad alongside Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.  Although the ad was quickly condemned by Republicans John McCain and Chuck Hagel, Cleland fell victim of the once popular Rove politics of fear. John McCain, no stranger to shameless ads himself, will be campaigning alongside Chambliss in the coming weeks.

Chambliss stood side by side with George W. Bush when privatizing social security seemed like a good idea and has been a very good friend of big oil. His record on veterans' benefits is one of the worst. He voted against funding modern body armor for soldiers in Iraq and opposed increased funding for veterans' health care programs 16 times. Overall, according to the Washington Post, Chambliss voted with George Bush 92% of the time

Here's Chambliss speaking for himself in this video: 
"One of the main reasons I'm running for the United States Senate is to make sure we get the Bush agenda enacted into law."

Help Jim Martin crush Shameless Chambliss on December 2nd by making a contribution to his campaign and by volunteering today.
November 4 Results (99% reporting)
Chambliss   1,866,612 (49.76%)
Martin 1,756,864 (46.83%)
Buckley    127,974 (3.41%)

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