Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Aussie Perspective

Presidential Shoes...

...from Australian cartoonist Paul Zanetti


Han D. said...


Thought you might want to look at this:

This election isn't really over. We've got a recount to watch like a hawk in Minnesota, a very slimy set of republicans in Alaska that are counting tens of thousands of absentee ballots in a race that is seperated by a little more than 3000 votes as of the typing of this comment, and a runoff in Georgia to pour money and work into. Please keep up the good work on this blog to highlight these races with some posts! I'll send you more info if you'll email me.

Stephen said...


Points well made. We are indeed not quite finished with the 2008 election. The outcome of US Senate races in Alaska and Minnesota remain to be determined. The Senate race in Georgia will now clearly go to a run-off, as you say.

ElectBlue will continue to monitor the vote counting in AK and MN. Nate Silver, at, has done some excellent analysis of the current state of these two contests. I urge our readers to check his site for the very latest on those two contests.

We plan a full-court press on behalf of Jim Martin in the GA Senate run-off. In the next couple of days we will have several posts about how you can help Martin defeat Saxby Chambliss.