Sunday, March 1, 2009

Republicans Should Keep Doing What They're Doing

While the fringe right wing continue searching for the future of their party in radio, others who oppose them use video cameras to show the world how stupid these crackpots really are.

Pam over at House Blend, for instance, blogged today about Alexander Pelosi's HBO documentary "Right America Feeling Wronged." We've seen these types of videos before. Flocks of illiterate, racist, maniacs gather together to watch each other foam at the mouth.  Ask yourself after watching, "How many of these brains actually know what socialism really is?"    

This is the here and now (and probably the immediate future) of the Republican party. These are the people who brought us Bushonmics. They are the 25% who approved of Bush when he left office. Now, with Limbug at the helm of their party, we're sure to see more videos just like this.  Man, I can't wait! I found this one just by searching for tea party on Youtube. This guy seems confident of victory in '10 and '12. 

After the ass-beating Republicans took in November, who could have predicted their new stage right strategy?  Not me. But then again, we shouldn't underestimate their inability to get it

Republicans should keep doing what they're doing. To them I say, "Keep it up!" Keep it up with your tea parties.  Keep inviting crackpots to headline your gatherings. Keep embracing leaders who desperately want the president to fail.  

Americans aren't buying what these nuts are selling. Not anymore. While it may be true that these movements are solidifying the base, it's equally important to note that the Republican base is now a minority base.  Translation - There's more of us than them.  Thank god, right?  

The president's approval rating remains in the upper 60's, and Americans trust Democrats in congress by far more than their Republican counterparts (50-38).  If we're lucky enough, maybe they will continue to ignore the polls. Keep it up!

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