Friday, March 27, 2009


INCUMBENT: Patty Murray, Democrat
  • First Elected in 1992
  • Defeated George Nethercutt in 2004 (55% - 43%)
  • DOB - 10/11/1950
POTENTIAL CHALLENGERS (names being tossed around): Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers, Congressman Dave Reichert, Attorney General Rob McKenna


A February Poll conducted by Research 2000 shows Patty Murray with a comfortable lead over potential Republican challengers, Dave Reichert (+13) and Rob McKenna (+16). As Washington trends more and more blue, don't expect any of these guys to actually run..especially as long as Murray continues to poll so well.  Many Washington insiders believe Rob McKenna's true ambition is to be elected as Washington's next governor in 2012. As US House members, McMorris-Rogers and Reichert have everything to lose and therefore unlikely willing to risk it all for a long-shot run against a strong incumbent.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Sean Salazar seems like a good challenge to Patty Murray. He is very eloquent and has great plans for this State.

Zeke said...

Yeah, Washington is trending blue as vote fraud takes place, liberal judges allow bogus election results to stand and felons are ordered to be given ballots by the same. Meanwhile the rest of the state outside Seattle Lala Land the natives are becoming more and more restive and disgusted with the Dems and their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I have met 5 candidates running against Patty Murry for US senate. None are career politicians (Patty is now), none are lawyers, all appear to be conservatives. The one that stands out to me is Craig Williams, you can learn about him and the other candidates by googling for their websites.

What has been really upsetting to see is all of the special deals that were being cut in the name of passing a health care bill. As a citizen of the United States I would never want to be the recipient of special favors that are in effect robbing my neighbors. Patty has been actively supporting this and needs to be replaced by someone like Mr Williams who's principles wouldn't allow this behavior. As an American I'm incredibly proud of the character being shown by the people of Nebraska in rejecting their senator's sweetheart deal.

Anonymous said...

Patty will lose to a strong conservative candidate in 2010. Patty no longer works for the people. Try contacting her if you do not believe me. Washington wants a better, smarter, less spending Senator.

Anonymous said...

Senator Murray is a thing of the past. Washington State trending toward being ever more blue is at best an elaborate wish in a disturbed mind. She is absolutely worthless as a representative of the people of Washington State. She is, however, great at representing special interest groups. As with all of the filthy career politicians, I sure hope she got all that she wanted, because her time is short as a Senator.

I will personally dance a jig come election day. I don't think that even the risen zombies, illegal aliens, ballot stuffing or any of the other business as usual moves that occur in our state's politics will save her this time around.

RuggerDucky said...

I'm a good Seattle liberal. But I will never, ever vote for or support Patty Murray for any position higher than county dog catcher. She has betrayed her constituents over and over.

She says she supports veterans, but every veteran I've ever spoken with that has tried to get help from her office has failed to get any (in my case, I did finally get a contact back about my VA inquiry, 4 years after I spent 2 hours in her office filling out paperwork.)

She has refused to call for the repeal of DADT, claiming as recently as 2008 that she "is not sure that it is in the best interest of national security to repeal it at this time".

She continues to prove her disloyalty to the actual blue collar workers that elected her--by fighting for TIGER funds for the "Mercer Mess", while ignoring far more pressing problems like the collapsing and incredibly unsafe South Park Bridge. Then she even brags in her own press release that "I created the TIGER grant program to fund projects just like this one. "

Yes, I'm glad to see that Senator Murray is so proud to have created TIGER programs all by herself. Too bad she doesn't care about the places within her own state that desperately need the funds.

lance sjogren said...

I'm not sure who the alternatives are but I am totally confident that there will be an alternative far better than Murray and I look forward to doing my part to see that she is retired from the Senate.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would challenge Patty Murray from the left. Her anti-gay vote for DOMA in 1996 and her refusal to act on repealing Don't Ask, in spite of her promises, makes her someone I will never again support.

She needs to go. If it tales a Republican to dethrone Patty, it won't change a thing about any of the issue that are important to me. On those, Patty is already voting like a Republican.

Anonymous said...

To the RWNJ posters above- Go stew in your sour grapes.

You want teabag, I'll teabag you!