Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The President's Bracket (and mine too)!

Basketball is a religion where I grew up.  We Hoosiers like to believe that we know a little about the sport given our reputation (Bob Knight; Larry Bird; Hoosiers; Purdue alumnus, John Wooden).  

Many of us even wondered if Indiana's recent political about-face had anything to do with the President's affection for hoops. Before 2008, Indiana hadn't gone blue since 1964.  LBJ played forward in High School by the way. 

The President today unveiled his own bracket, a first by any sitting President.  As I write, Hoosiers everywhere are gushing.  As for his picks, he's got six of eight regional final teams coming from blue states.  The election is over Mr. President! There's no more need for campaigning!

I've got Louisville taking home the crown this year for the first time since 1986 (see bracket below).  The President also has the Cardinals in the Final Four but has North Carolina winning it all.  We should also point out that the President has made 7 visits to North Carolina since last May. Coincidence?  Maybe not...

Here's the video of Barack Obama explaining all of his picks, including the Tar Heels as his national champ.

Bill Newsome's 2009 NCAA Basketball Bracket

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