Friday, September 11, 2009

North Carolina Senate 2010: Burr Approval at 38%

Here's a race that we'll be following closely in the coming months. North Carolina hasn't been so warm and friendly to Republicans lately, tossing out Elizabeth Dole last year and replacing her with Democrat, Kay Hagan. North Carolina also went blue in last year's election for the first time since 1976 and elected the state's first ever female governor, Beverly Perdue

Now, it's Richard Burr's turn. For many months, Burr's approval numbers have been in the basement. A new poll by PPP shows Burr's approval rate at just 38%, ten points lower than Dole's prior to election day in 2008. Despite his poor ratings though, he still bests any Democratic challenger so far by at least seven points. That could easily change however with the emergence of a strong candidate.

Democrats in North Carolina also have time on their side and the real possibility that Democrats, on a national level, will get their groove back. We're very optimistic about the prospect of healthcare passing this year and anxious to see the first polls in places like North Carolina to see whether the new reform helps or hurts Democratic Senate candidates.

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