Monday, October 5, 2009

FLORIDA SENATE 2010: Rove Disses Crist

Marco Rubio just picked up a big push with Karl Rove's $1000 donation. Read the report from Chuck Todd.
This comes on the heels of Jeb Bush's public signal that he plans to stay neutral in the Crist-Rubio primary; Many believe this is Jeb's way of quietly telling influential Florida Republicans that he'd prefer Rubio but doesn't want to alienate Crist since he's still the heavy favorite in the primary. For Rubio, he needs to show some viability and that begins with his next fundraising report. But the most important fundraising report might actually be by the end of the year when you'll truly be able to see how Rubio's been able to use the Jeb neutrality (support?) to his advantage. Remember, Jeb is to Florida Republicans what Reagan is to the party nationally, he's held in THAT high of regard.
Headlines like this create visibility for Rubio. His chances are slim still but not as slim as they were before Rove's donation. If Rubio can create momentum and show that he's a viable candidate, Jeb Bush may just break his silence.

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