Friday, April 24, 2009

ARIZONA SENATE 2010: Simcox Will Challenge McCain In Republican Primary

Nothing is easy for John McCain these days.  There will be no free ride for mavericks in the 2010 Arizona primary.

Border hawk and Minuteman founder, Chris Simcox, already has his website up and running. Portraying himself as the only conservative in the race, Simcox begins throwing hard blows at McCain on the issue of border security.
"[John McCain] is fully responsible for the deaths along our borders, the raging violence in Mexico and the violence we have in the streets of U.S. cities from border to border and coast to coast. We need someone to take a strong stance, say, 'Enough is enough, you're not representing us.'"
Which John McCain will show up in this election?  Will he support steps toward citizenship for illegal immigrants, as he has in the past, or will he pander to the right-wing of his party?

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