Monday, April 6, 2009

Tennessee's Jim Cooper Supports Gates' Military Plan

From today's Washington Post.
"Defense Secretary Robert Gates unveiled a sweeping overhaul of the Pentagon's top weapons priorities that he said will orient the U.S. military toward winning unconventional conflicts like the one in Afghanistan rather than focusing on war with major powers like China and Russia."

"By curtailing some of the most expensive and complex weapons systems, Mr. Gates is making lasting changes that he believes are needed given the dual imperative of near-term fights against insurgent groups and increasing economic pressure."
Congressman Cooper on Gates' plan to reform:
“In taking these actions, Secretary Gates acts as a statesman, putting the country’s security over political expedience. I commend him for his straightforward, fact-based decision-making.

“Congress will surely debate these recommendations, but let us debate them on their merits. America is fighting two wars and a recession; we no longer have the luxury of running the Defense Department as a hometown jobs program. That’s why, in the words of Secretary Gates, we must rise above parochial interests and do what’s in the best interest of the nation as a whole. I hope my colleagues will join me in accepting his challenge.”
h/t: Post Politics

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