Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gimmick Alert! Tea Parties & The Tenth Amendment

The lunacy continues.   The shameless, right-wing fringe continue to teabag not only Democrats but each other.   And now, another cowboy Governor from Texas is making a fool of himself.

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, who plans to attend a tea party himself, just yesterday expressed his support for Texan sovereignty.  Uuhh boy...

Here we go again, yet this time, it's the tenth amendment.

Before now, as you may remember, it was all about the 2nd amendment, when the same tea-bag waving crowd of flakes claimed (and still do) that Obama was going to take away all of our guns.

Before that, no sooner than President Obama raised his right hand, a short-lived, anxiety-packed, petition the government now or else 1st amendment movement began when right-wingers persuaded Republican tea-baggers of a scary liberal conspiracy aimed at reviving the fairness doctrine. Those who got caught up in that hullabaloo had their jets calmed when Fox News broke the news (and even told the truth) of Obama's opposition to the idea.

Now, the most paranoid teabaggers among us have taken gimmickery to the next level in forming tenth amendment movements, as if any of them have ever read a book in their entire lives, let alone the Constitution.

Here's an interesting twist.  The same Governor Perry who now suddenly believes that tyrants in Washington are forcing their will by making him accept federal funds is also the the same Governor Perry who, in 2002 (see his own press release), gladly accepted hundreds of millions in No Child Left Behind funding.  All of a sudden, Perry and thousands of Republican tea-baggers just like him are wholly devoted to states rights.  

Perry's political posturing scheme mirrors the same kind of erratic behavior of John McCain's when he suspended his Presidential campaign. Since when has a state governor ever refused federal funding in the past?

Perry isn't alone in his political posturing.  South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, in an effort to appeal to his own tea party base, proudly claimed back in March that he was rejecting federal stimulus funds. Now, quite predictably, he's backtracking.  So much for that Free Republic interview when Sanford said he "loved the concept" of a tenth amendment movement.

What's next for these phonies? Secession? States printing their own money?  Negotiating treaties? Didn't we settle this argument in 1865 when southern states believed, before then, they were sovereign in their right to decide whether or not they were free or slave? What about that thirteenth amendment?

Where were these tea party people when George W. Bush was squandering away a budget surplus -- blowing up billions of dollars (and lives) in the desert sand -- and dolling out tax cuts for the wealthiest? Truth be told, not one of these teabaggers will pay higher taxes under Obama's plan.

Some would have you believe these protests are handwritings on the wall for a divided America.  But I couldn't disagree more.  You see, Americans in November proved they wanted more than just gimmicks.  They soundly rejected Drill Baby Drill, Joe the Plummer, suspended campaigns, lipstick on a pitbull, gas tax holidays and freezing federal spending. Americans rejected the notion that Obama was a radical Muslim from Kenya who wants to take away your guns, bibles and talk-radio.  Those who still believe it are out in full force today, waving their teabags, screaming "Impeach Obama" and claiming they know something about the tenth amendment.  

We'll keep tabs on how all that's working out for them. I'm looking forward to some of that juicy video tea party footage.  You know it's coming!

Meanwhile, for all of their hard work, President Obama's approval rating is still in the mid-sixties; and a recent Gallup poll shows that 71% of Americans trust the President in his handling of the economy.  Only 38% in the same poll said the same about Republicans.

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Ju said...

What was probably the icing on the cake for the tea parties was when Rick Perry, Texas' governor stated that Texas can secede from the union. That will draw a lot of attention but more importantly it sends the message that these movements are serious for such strong words to be used. While the media will say they Texas does not have the right to do this outright (there are some court cases which agree, there are certain paths they can take to get this goal).

While they do not have the right to do this outright, there are certain paths they can take to get this goal. Come on, you know this is possible because this is the same country which gives exceptions to tax cheats through cleaver legal

Really it is just using the legal system creatively.

Texas probably has the best chance at success. Here is just one way how it can work. The annexation agreement made when Texas joined the union provided that Texas would be able to divide into 5 states. This would create 8 more conservative Senators.

If Texas were to try to divide and be rebuffed, the US would be in violation of the agreement and Texas should be able to go free.

It is not all that far fetched.

Regardless of the TX situation, the movement was larger than expected. And it is just a start because the thing about grass roots is that it will only take hold, grow and spread.

Some pics here: