Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Exposes More GOP Hypocrisy

President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize has brought the GOP to a boiling point. They've masqueraded their brand as patriotic, wrapping themselves in American flags and holding tea party rallies, but what we see today is more of the real GOP - the party that cheered when the US lost the Olympics and same party who's seething with hate at this very moment because our president was acknowledged for promoting peace and not war.

Today, we can add to the long list of Republican hypocrisies. Besides their claim to having a monopoly on family values - and besides their claim to being fiscally responsible - or besides their claim to keeping the country safe (9/11 occurred on W’s watch and he launched two full-scale wars) - and besides claiming to be the party of "small government" (this coming from the same guys who brought us warrantless wiretapping) -- NOW we can safely say they are not as patriotic as they claim to be. The results speak for themselves.”

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Jill said...

I felt the need to share with you the story of Jason Bromby, a 28-year-old British diplomat who has gone missing in China. This is very scary. Read more about it:

Spread the word, something needs to be done.