Sunday, December 7, 2008

All Blessing, No Disguise

There are very few times I find myself applauding a Republican electoral victory, but yesterday's special election in Louisiana's 2nd Congressional District produced a result that can only be seen as unequivocally good for everyone. Republican Anh 'Joseph' Cao defeated nine-term Democratic incumbent, and unbelievably corrupt, US Representative William 'Dollar Bill' Jefferson. Cao, a relatively moderate Republican, will become the first American of Vietnamese descent to serve in Congress.

Although voter turnout was extremely low, the people of New Orleans (which constitutes most of the 2nd District) clearly rejected the self-serving, greedy corruption of Mr. Jefferson. Most people will remember Jefferson as the Congressman who was found to have squirreled away some $90,000 in cash in his freezer.  He is currently under numerous federal indictments on charges of bribery and corruption in which that cold cash figures prominently.  Unlike defeated Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, Jefferson has yet to be convicted of anything, but that is a distinction with little difference. Hardly anyone doubts Congressman Jefferson's complicity in a wide range of criminal activities.

The people of New Orleans, the US House of Representatives and both political parties are better off - much better off - now that 'Dollar Bill' Jefferson will not be a member of the 111th Congress.  

Good riddance!

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