Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breaking News: Nashville Rejects English Only

With all 173 precincts reporting, voters in Metropolitan Nashville have soundly rejected the attempt to enact the English Only amendment to the city's charter.

ElectBlue congratulates the voters of Nashville for their common sense and inclusiveness in rejecting this unnecessary and bigoted attempt to amend the city charter.

Against English Only 41,752 56.5%
For English Only 32,144 43.5%

Eric Crafton, Metro Nashville Councilman and chief supporter of the English Only amendment, appearing on Fox & Friends just a few days ago (video below), claimed that 75% of Nashville voters supported English Only.  He cited "about any poll you look at" as his source.  No word yet on whether or not Crafton will reveal which polls he was referencing or, for that matter, the people who funded the English Only campaign.

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