Monday, August 31, 2009

Act Today By Supporting DREAM ACT

While healthcare seems to be sucking up all the air in the room these days, another piece of legislation close to our hearts is DREAM ACT. If you're not aware of it already, you should be. Here's your chance to learn more.

Every year, thousands of young people graduate from American high schools and are forced to live in the shadows, fearing every day that they might be deported. These young people, who are children of undocumented workers, will grow up to become our neighbors and co-workers. They are law abiding citizens. Some pay heavy out-of-pocket expenses for a college degree that they'll never be able to use. And yes, they pay taxes. By no choice of their own, they find themselves in a situation that has no resolution.

Fortunately, a few members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, have recognized the situation and are fighting for what is morally right. Yes, they have their hands full right now with correcting Bushonomics and passing insurance reform, but we cannot allow these young people to grow old before this legislation is signed into law.

Dream Act of 2009 (S. 729 and the House companion bill, HR 1751) addresses this real tragedy and is a step in the right direction toward real immigration reform. DREAM ACT would grant qualified young people a pathway to citizenship on the condition that they go to college and maintain a good standing or serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.

A story that really caught my attention tells about a young girl named Benita Veliz, a St. Mary's University graduate who arrived in the U.S. at the age of eight. Her parents crossed the border with a legal visa but decided not to go back. Benita, who is now a young adult, may lose everything she's ever gained. Everything for her changed when she was pulled over for a simple traffic violation back in January. Although she's lived in the United States her entire life, she faces deportation to a place that has never been her home.

There are thousands upon thousands of stories just like Benita's. DREAM ACT is the type of CHANGE we voted for. Beyond going to the ballot box last November, we are obligated to lobby our elected officials to support this legislation.

A few things you can do: First, please call your Representatives and Senators today and urge them to support S. 729 and H.R. 1751. When you're finished, give us some feedback. Second, sign the petition at Spread the word!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Louisiana Senate 2010: Vitter May Have Primary Competition

From the BayouBuzz.Com

"...the hero of Hurricane recovery, General Russell Honore is seriously considering entering the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate seat against incumbent David Vitter. Honore, a Republican since the Reagan Administration and a registered Louisiana voter from his Zachary home, has spoken to friends and supporters in the last two weeks signaling that he is, according to one, 'more than 50% sure that he will run.'"

"The news comes mere hours after Third District Congressman Charlie Melancon announced his firm intention to be the Democratic challenger to David Vitter in the fall of 2010. Melancon, who represents the critical swing areas of Central Acadiana--a region known for crowing statewide candidates--has already proven a serious obstacle for the incumbent Senator to keep his job. Even if Vitter should emerge victorious from the closed Republican primary, a bruising fight against Honore could leave the Senator financially and visibly weakened before the onslaught of a Moderate Democrat like Melancon--one of the leaders of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Caucus in the House."

"While Mary Landrieu's 2008 re-election showed that electing a Democrat to the U.S. Senate remained possible in increasing Republican-leaning Louisiana, she had Obama's coattails. Now according to the latest Gallup polls, the President's job approval rating stands at 52%, drastically down from the overwhelming support he had at his inaugural. That signals a public backlash and a GOP revival. Of course, if Honore is the GOP candidate instead of Vitter, he could benefit from these trends. But then again, so could the incumbent Senator."

"Still, Vitter cannot do what others like Woody Jenkins and Suzie Terrell attempted with Mary Landrieu, brand Melancon as socially out of sink with Louisiana voters. The Napoleonville Democrat is ardently pro-life and opposes same sex marriage."

"And, all things being equal, Cajuns DO vote for Cajuns. Whether Republicans will vote for an African-American hero General over their own incumbent GOP Senator remains to be seen."
h/t: Taegan Goddard

We're Alive Everybody!

It's been awhile since our last post. The last five months have been difficult without our great friend, Steve Moody. He was a powerful force in so many lives, including my own. He will forever be missed by his family and friends. Blogging without him is tough, but he would definitely want us to continue the good work. This restart is in no way a signal that I'm ready to move on. I'm not sure if I'll ever just move on as some say you must do after losing a loved one.

Since our last post, a lot has changed in Washington as well as our home here in middle Tennessee. We look forward to keeping you updated on a regular basis as we once did and welcome your comments and input.

Thanks to the many viewers who have been patient during these inactive months and for your prayers and support.